Clean Eating Week 2

So ive been clean esting for two weeks now. So far im really pleased with the results. On tuesday i stepped on the scales to see the lowest weight ive ever seen since having my youngest! It was a 2lb loss which im thrilled about.

Last week i tried a whole host of new recipes that i had found using pinterest and on the most part i loved them. Ive tried vegetables ive never really eaten before such as brocolli and avocados. In my smoothies im using fruit i wouldn’t normally try such as nectarines and peaches.

In myself i feel the healthiest ive felt in a long time. Im eating the most fruit and veg ive probably ever eaten in my life! Cant be a bad thing!


So far it hasnt really affected my running much. I certainly don’t feel worse. Its just not made a drastic positive change either. Although the weight loss means i find it easier to run a little bit faster.



Half Marathon Training Update

Wow its ages since I updated on my half marathon training back in August. I wasn’t in a good place when I wrote that. Things had been really tough. But I’ve also been away on holiday since and in doing that its given me some space from the issues that were hounding my head and also provided some solutions to the long term pain. I’ve managed to find my focus again. I want to beat my Half Marathon PB in Bournemouth. I dont know how possible it will be but I am going to try damn hard! I’ve pretty much stuck to my training plan as much as has been possible, adjusting the mileage occasionally in accordance with fatigue, and life!

Running in cornwall, with the extreme hills, was interesting! I’m not used to hills! I live in flat little surrey! That being said coming home to the same boring routes wasn’t thrilling! I was glad to be back to the flat though.

I have recently changed my training plan, which may not be such a fab idea in the middle of training but I wasn’t feeling confident that I would be ready with the My Acsis plan that I was using so I’ve moved back to my trusty Hal Higdon plans!  I’ve also found out when I will be starting Marathon training and know which Higdon plan I will be using. I am hoping to do another half between Bournemouth and Marathon training though as I want to enter marathon training being at half marathon capabilities as I did when I trained for Edinburgh.

Hotel has now been booked for that weekend which is a relief! Have to admit I’m pretty excited about it!


Giveaway: 2 x Run or Dye 5k Tickets

10386920_734020028671_3167432820683118193_oTheres nothing I love more than trying something new, and doing random fun things, I think we all know that from my jumping out of planes escapades. One thing thats also on my bucket list is to run a unique 5k and have paint thrown all over me! Run or Dye have run a series of these events over the summer and have more to come this Autumn.

Run or Dye already takes place in 150 throughout America and around the world where thousands of participants line up in white running gear, tutus, or dressed head to toe in fancy dress. Those taking part encounter 4 or more Dye Zones where they will be transformed into a human canvas as they are doused in colour while they walk, jog or run along the 5km route. As part of the entry fee participants will receive a bag of goodies including their own Run or Dye T-Shirt and more.

After crossing the finish line participants will enjoy a Dye Festival where spectators and runners celebrate their achievement and enjoy the party as radiant colour is blasted into the air.

Run of Dye draws its inspiration from the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’. During the Holi Festival, people gather, sing, dance, play, chase and color one another with powder to celebrate the triumph of good over bad, bridge social gaps and renew relationships. In the same fashion Run or Dye aims to encourages its participants to celebrate life, friendship, fitness and fun in full colour.

Upcoming events this year include Nottingham, Southampton, Guildford, London, Oxford and Hever Castle. I’m gutted that I can’t make either of the events nearest to me as I’m already running other races! But guess what? I’ve got two spaces up for grabs so you can take along a friend and go cover yourselves in colour! The tickets are valid at any of the remaining UK events. Visit my facebook page HERE and click the giveaway tab to enter via the rafflecopter form.

If however your really keen to run then use the code SIMPELLE to get £3 off when registering.

To redeem your prize you will be sent a code for registration. 

Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com

- See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/2-run-or-dye-5k-tickets#sthash.3CoOgoka.dpuf


Clean Eating: Week 1

So its been a week since I started clean eating. Generally it has gone very well, for me! And the fact I’m still here writing about it says alot! 

The big reason I’m doing it is to hopefully lose some weight. This week I’ve dropped almost 4lb! So thats a good sign! I am enjoying smoothies for breakfast with my new Breville Blend Active, I find it so quick and easy especially now we are back to school runs! I can make it up and drink it as I’m getting the kids sorted out! 

Lunches have been fairly boring, mainly involving eggs and salads and to be honest my awful memory means I’ve already forgotten half of what I cooked last week as I hadn’t officially meal planned. I remember Monday I did some Wholewheat spaghetti with garlic mushrooms, the boys loved it! And last night I experimented with a recipie I had found on pinterest for a Portobello Mushroom Burger, it tasted amazing! And tbh I wish I’d got some halloumi to go with it and it could have been my own version of my favourite nandos dish! 

I had one wobbly day on Thursday. With eldest being back at school and a few other things stressing me out I ended up comfort eating, nothing to the extreme I usually would but I did have a chocolate bar … or maybe two! I need to disassociate emotions with eating! Generally I’m good at getting out for a run but being a single mum means its not always possible, Thursday it wasn’t possible! 

This week I’ve written out a meal plan, I’ve been perusing pinterest for ideas all week so I’m looking forward to some exciting meals and trying new things! Not too sure what the boys will think of it all but we shall see! 

Two of the hardest things I have found this week has been healthy snacking, snacking is my absolute weakness! And drinking water, I found one of my runs really hard as I was very dehydrated, since then I’ve been making more of an effort to drink more but occasionally have had a weak squash instead! 


A moment of insanity…

So this week, after admiring photos from various races such as Tough Mudder, The Wolf Run, Rat Race etc, I finally plucked up the courage to sign up for a couple of races! I first agreed to the Eliminator Race which will involve 5 miles of Mud and a few ‘natural’ obstacles…. then I happened to see a tweet relating to the Judgement day race saying that MuddyRace were looking for a few more team members, after a bit of a chat I was hooked and decided that yes I would do it! … Its in December! And it involves water…. I kind of feel I have completely lost the plot! Its going to be so cold! I am already fantasising about getting out of those cold clothes and into warm trackies and hoodies after.

I am terrified. But excited too. The fear is the fear of the unknown. Many of these races you have no idea what you are going to be coming up against until you get there. All I know is that I need to work on my overall body fitness. I can run no problem. I ran a marathon afterall and am currently training for a half, but I know my upper body strength needs work! I’m looking to see if I can find a cheap personal trainer locally because I really want to do this well! I’m told its all about team work, and I really hope it turns out to be that way, so many people have said it, only time will tell. I’m used to ‘normal’ races where its each to their own, chasing that all important PB! Everyone I’ve spoken to assures me these races are not like that, they also tell me I will get hooked, that I believe!

But in the meantime I’m hoping the fear will drive my training!



Smoothies: All in ones vs jugs…

So as I mentioned in my last post last weekend I invested in a Breville Blend Active which I have used daily this week for my breakfast smoothie as part of my clean eating. Last night I even had a smoothie for ‘dinner’ as I’d had a big lunch and didn’t want much. A few people have said to me why not just use a normal jug blender? Well theres a few reasons why I don’t dig jug blenders.

  • Jug blenders are bulky, using a jug blender takes up alot of space in my very small kitchen! 
  • Jug blenders require you to pour the smoothie into another glass, this makes two things for washing up (I’m a lazy washer upper!)
  • Jug blenders you can’t just switch the lid and take your drink with you. 
  • Jug blenders are hard to measure how much your going to need for one person! With the active blend your making it for one person and you can’t overfill it! 

Yes I could just get a cheap jug blender, I have done so in the past. However I find them more of an effort and I end up stopping using them after a few days because I can’t be doing with all the washing up, making too much and wasting it etc. I find the Blend active really simple to use, it always makes the right amount and it does what I need it to do. And if I want to take it out with me I can. Easy peasy! 


Reasons we love Coombe Mill!

Last week we spent another lovely week at Coombe Mill. We still found it just as magical as we did on our first visit last year. The boys loved returning and my youngest enjoyed it so much more this year as he really started to get into the whole animal feeding thing and riding the train. Theres just so much I could say about Coombe Mill but you’d probably all end up really bored so I figured I’d break it down into more bitesize chunks!

The Cottage

We stay in a cottage called Willow, personally I’d go to a different one next year but my Dad loves the fact its at the end of the site so people dont have to walk past it or anything, its kind of secluded in its own way.

The walls are super thick and although its bang next to Honeysuckle you don’t hear your neighbours. We haven’t on either occasion we have visited so either we have very quiet neighbours or you really dont hear them!

The master bedroom has a superking bed! This is an addition this year and is SO comfy! I could lie across it length ways and I didn’t touch either end! It was perfect for me and my cosleeping 3 year old, we had plenty of space and I loved being able to lie smack bang in the middle of the bed and still not be able to reach the edge! LOVED IT! Mattress is also super comfy!

The childrens playroom is lovely! Theres a little room next to the master bedroom filled with lots of toys, cuddly toys, train tracks, cars and much more. Little man generally isn’t much of a ‘solo’ play kind of guy, hes too used to having brothers to entertain him! But he loved being able to go in there and would happily sit in there for 20 minutes or so talking to himself, building train tracks.

The open plan lounge/kitchen/dining room is lovely as it means your able to be in the kitchen but not feel excluded from any action in the lounge, the table is large and perfect for a family of 6.

Views from Willow are also lovely, out the front you have the train track, playground and beyond that the river camel, which if you have the windows open you can hear the tinkle of the stream, magical. And to the right you have a field of sheep which are lovely to hear in the morning!

The Farm

When your at Coombe Mill you can join the feed run every morning and go around with the farmer to feed all the animals, these include chicks, chickens, ducks, geese, wallabies, donkeys, goats, Sally the pig, sheep (including hand reared Ebony who is lovely), ponies and deer. The kids get stuck in hand feeding most of the animals and all the farmers are very knowledgeable about the animals and the local area, and all are great with the kids.

As well as the feed run you can visit the animals at any time of the day. We made numerous visits to see the rabbits, mainly because they had the most adorable baby bunnies! On days when we hadn’t been able to make the feed run we would go round and visit the animals ourselves. Especially my favourite baby goat!

All the extras! 

Although the farm is one of the main features of Coombe Mill there are also numerous other things you can do on the site. There are two wonderful play areas that both my boys adore. They spent hours on the pirate ship roleplaying Jake and the neverland pirates, or zooming down the zipwire, jumping around over the soft play, playing in the stream, riding the train every day! You can easily spend the day on site and not be bored!


The great thing about Coombe Mill is how child friendly it all is. Stairgates are already there on the stairs so you don’t have to worry about taking travel ones, bed guards, black out blinds and much more are available. Toys are already there so you don’t have to take half the house with you! If you have children and you want a child friendly holiday, Coombe Mill is WELL worth checking out!