Its carnival time!

So like a year ago almost I volunteered to host a britmums carnival and the time has finally come! So now I have around 25, possibly more, awesome posts to share with you!

Ella at notes from home is sharing her tips on how best to present your house if you want to sell it!

Actually Mummy shows off a fantastic stew which is low on Weight Watchers points!

Helen is having a rant about the sock pixie!

Mummy Vs Work has a letter to David Cameron that makes interesting reading!

RedTedArt DS1eans to Skirt!

Kate on Thin Ice is being positive and for charity too!

The Nursery:

Hollybobbs has made an important decision in relation to the birth of her baby.

The Mummy Adventure shows us life as a 9 month old in photos.

The Princess Poets Life Adventures shares a short post about her little ones milestone first birthday.

DS1ennifers Little World has shared her love of books for little ones, something I am extremely passionate about myself.

A Mummy Too has shared a post about how she found it hard to leave her breastfed baby when she still had the choice to and the realities of being a working parent.

My Mummy Life is experiencing the early stages of Temper Tantrums!

The children’s room!

The Frugal Family have had their first heartbreak!

Blog By Baby shares her experiences of raising an autistic child.

LLM Calling shares Ten Top Tips for Sleepovers … I’m going to need this in a few years!

Mum of Three World is having a proud mummy moment

Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy asks weather we have gone a step too far in being PC?

Parents Space!

Slummy Single Mummy has her first world problems in a week of tweets!

A Matter Of Choice looks back on the love of her life.

The Good Life Bloggers discuss Keeping children entertained on long car journeys.

Mummy from the heart shares a thought provoking post on how our children view us differently to how we view ourselves!

Dorky Mum has a fascinating insight into her recent epiphany about parenting.

Play Activities talks about the pace of life we have as parents.

In a Bun Dance has made a hysterical breakthrough in the world of family communications!

Live Otherwise shares the rules of parenting that she has discovered!

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13 responses to “Its carnival time!

  1. Thanks Hayley! I will laugh if anyone actually believes that my casserole is low on points!

  2. Thanks for including me, will have to come back with a cuppa to browse through those :)

  3. Thanks for including the pixie (and me) – perhaps someone here will find him catch him and banish him…he is STILL stealing all my socks! :-(

  4. Thanks for hosting Hayley, we’ve just highlighted on BritMums.

  5. Great carnival Hayley, I love spending an hour reading great bloggers

  6. Thank you for picking my rant, i mean post :D

  7. Lovely selection of blogs I already know and love, and new delights to investigate! X

  8. Thanks for including me, I’m looking forward to reading through all the posts!

  9. Thanks for including me and my strop-bucket. Hoping that someone will have some top toddler taming tips for me…

  10. Thanks for including my post. Off to get a cuppa and read through the others. :)

  11. I sent over my post on getting fit and losing weight for summer, but had problems so don’t think you got it. Never mind. Link here if interested…

    Great selection by the looks of it. Will enjoy a happy hour with this lot!

  12. I’m just having a nosey as I’m hosting the Britmums carnival on 29th may – wow! You had so many entries! Having a great afternoon reading! Thank you xx

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