Healthy Lunchboxes with Flora and #Cbias

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.


We recently joined the CBias team for shopping reviews and were selected to visit a supermarket and buy some Flora to use in a healthier lunchbox. I always favour lunchboxes as I can keep track of what son is eating and he can be fussy so I wouldn’t want him going hungry. Generally his lunchboxes are healthy with lots of vegetables and fruit in them and its always some type of sandwich or roll. But this week we will have a change and use flora in his sandwiches, we’ll see if he notices a taste difference.

We had a bit of an odd Sunday as our plans changed at the last minute and littlest wasn’t off to see his Dad so we all set off for the weekly lunchbox supplies. As you can see little man likes to help out! I do firmly believe that involving the children in shopping is the one way to alleviate tantrums and bordeom! If I remember I make up a list for both of them and take two pens so there are no arguements! IMG_0652

As well as involving the children in the shopping lists I allow biggest to choose the vegetables and fruit he wants for his lunchboxes that week and we talk about how much it costs as he’s recently been doing money at school. The other advantage to shopping in Waitrose is also the fact you can play with the sticker machine when weighing your fruit and vegetables, its a way to help him with his reading and letter recognition.


Me and eldest spent some time browsing the flora website for lunchbox ideas however hes quite a simple tastes kinda guy and had chosen ham and cheese, although I’m a vegetarian myself I don’t enforce it on my children and if they choose to eat meat I will happily provide it for them. We always have a cheese product in our lunchboxes for the calcium boost, son wont eat yoghurts or frubes of any kind so we vary which cheese we put in, sometimes babybel, sometimes cheesestrings, often depends on whats on offer if Mummy is shopping alone!


When we got home we tried the flora with some soup and I have to admit it did taste good! And knowing its better for you is always a bonus! Especially as I have a real thing for warm french sticks with spread on at the moment!

Flora Original

Our lunch boxes do tend to be much the same each week with only a few variations, my son is a child of habit and I respect that, he will often come out and moan at me if I’ve changed something in his lunchbox although occasionally he’ll be pleased with a little suprise like a small cake!

Generally our lunch boxes contain:

A sandwich/roll variation
Some fresh fruit/vegetables (Usually grapes/peppers/carrot sticks)
A piece of cheese
Packet of Raisins
A fruit bar
Either a packet of crisps or a small packet of biscuits.
A bottle of water

The water is non-negotiable in his lunchbox and he knows it, the school rules only allow fruit juices etc anyway and do not allow for fizzy drinks or squashes. We have squash at home sometimes but on the most part I try and ensure both the boys are drinking water the majority of the time. Son loves to get involved in making his lunch boxes and pottering around the kitchen obtaining the various items, and we always make sure we do it the night before because then Mummy isn’t running around like a headless chicken in the morning and I do prefer my mornings to be chilled where possible!

We always choose fun lunch boxes  although the current one was technically chosen for him, it was a birthday present from his great uncle, its starting to get to the stage where its a bit battered but it will see this school year out and a new one will be purchased ready for september, thats part of the fun of starting back at school right? Getting a new lunchbox!


We took even more photos of our shopping experience so check out our G+ album here.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Lunchboxes with Flora and #Cbias

  1. Flora tubs are also very useful – freezing food and emergency lunchbox for when they’ve left theirs at school. It’s a great idea letting them shop and be involved in buying their lunch.

    Visiting via blow your blog horn

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