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A little Barny Adventure

Recently we were sent the new Barny bear flavours, Strawberry and Apple to try. We’ve been loving the Barny bear cakes for a few months usually eating the milk and chocolate flavours so I was interested to see what the kids thought of these new flavours. Being half term we wanted to get out a few times as it’s been
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#KidsGrowWild Challenge!

Last year we moved into a property with a garden thats pretty damn shady. It has some trees covering it which has its positives and its negatives. Its an advantage because it means the kids can run around without getting too hot but growing things can be a real challenge. We also don’t have any decent soil in the beds
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Recipe : Pizza Omelette

Britmums are running a linky of main meals which you can use eggs for. So I thought I’d share my favourite. I can’t remember where I got this idea but its one I frequently adapt. Ingredients: 1 egg per person plus 1/2 extra. Mozzarella cheese (or any other grated cheese) Your favourite veggies (for the one pictured I used mushrooms
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Aiming for that goal!

Regular readers know I’m a bit of a challenge enthusiast. I’ve done London to Brighton on the bike 3 times for the BHF. I’ve run the 5K Adidas Womens challenge 3 times. A few weeks ago I walked 13 miles around London for Breast Cancer. Why do I do it? Because if I didn’t have these targets I wouldn’t exercise!
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Its carnival time!

So like a year ago almost I volunteered to host a britmums carnival and the time has finally come! So now I have around 25, possibly more, awesome posts to share with you! Ella at notes from home is sharing her tips on how best to present your house if you want to sell it! Actually Mummy shows off a
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Blogging addict :: Not any more!

So Britmums asked “Can blogging/social media become an addiction? How can you maintain a healthy balance?”  Now I can safely say that once upon a time ago I was a blogging addict. If I didnt get my fix of blogging either through reading other blogs or writing my own I got withdrawal symptons! No joke! I couldn’t bare for my
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