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How much should you spend on a christening gift?

A Christening is a great occasion that formally opens the wave of present buying for a new human in your life. Whether you’re religious or not, they are usually a fun ceremony that officially introduces the child to the world, but there is often some dilemma as to what kind of gift you get them.

Because it’s often such a big occasion, there is sometimes pressure to get them huge and expensive gifts. Tie that in with the requests from the parents and you’re into a difficult situation. It’s a completely new thing for you to have to budget for, so finding the right amount of cash can be tough. Here are a few things to consider when choosing how much to spend on a Christening gift.

What are the deciding factors?

The two main factors when choosing how much to spend are what relationship you have to the family and child, but also how much you can reasonably afford to spend. These seem like incredibly obvious reasons, and that’s because they are. If you’re immediate family, grandparents, or something else close, then you’ll probably be getting a gift that is more expensive, or at least more significant than those who are family friends. That said, the family friend zone is a cloudy one when it comes to how much you need to spend.

Earnings simply require you to assess how much you can reasonably afford based on your income and normal spend. While a gift is a nice thing to give, no one is going to think ill of you if you genuinely can’t afford to give them anything expensive. Even an inexpensive keepsake will be welcomed and loved. There’s a story about this is in The Bible somewhere.

For both of these elements, anything between £5-£50 is going to be a welcome gift. If you’re looking at keepsakes then you can even gift something that you already own, which is a good option if you’re worried about the pennies, just make sure it’s something sentimental and special, not some forks.

Families that request certain things

This can be taken in two ways. Firstly, it’s great for people who are unsure what to get, as it gives them a little direction to help them pick something that they also think is a good gift. Ignore requests for money, and pick whichever gift represents the relationship you have with that family best.

That idea of a gift representing your relationship the most is definitely more important than the price. An inexpensive personalised gift like the ones at www.gettingpersonal.co.uk can go a lot further than a large piece of precious metal that doesn’t say or mean anything.


Aside from the rough guide of £5 to £50, it really does depend on your own situation to determine how much you should spend. The trick is not to worry about what people think about the gift, and to concentrate on why the gift is special and why it is good for that child. Once you’ve thought about that, you’re bound to get the perfect gift.

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