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P&G Everyday Effect Hamper Giveaway


When your a new mum its an incredibly overwhelming time when things are changing rapidly and your adjusting to your new role. You may also be getting over a traumatic birth, like I did with my first, or recovering physically from the birth and complications. At that time little things can make a big difference. When I had my children it was the simple things like my Mum keeping an eye on the baby so I could have a shower. Or holding them so I could eat a meal hot. Almost 60% of mums said what they missed most in the weeks after their baby was born was a lie in, whilst having a friend or partner look after their baby to give them a couple of hours of ‘me time’ was the small thing that would make the most difference. P&G think by doing ordinary things it can make a difference to everyone involved in a new baby. P&G calls the impact of these seemingly ordinary moments the “Everyday Effect”. So, to try and make a little difference in your day and celebrate those precious moments of peace P&G have sent me a lovely little hamper and have given me one for you guys too! It contains:

  • 5 Minutes’ Peace by Jill Murphy
  • Gillette Venus & Olay Razor
  • Febreze Candle
  • Max Factor Mascara
  • Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner

To enter the competition and win your own lovely hamper to give yourself a little me time just fill in the rafflecopter below :-)

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283 Responses to “P&G Everyday Effect Hamper Giveaway”

  1. anna says:

    some of my friends made a great difference and also my husband!

  2. Tina holmes says:

    My son, he will never know how he saved me from myself! He means the world to me.

  3. Clare Webb says:

    My eldest daughter. She is so helpful and just seems so natural at it too! She really is like a second mother to Baby B!

  4. Kerry says:

    Definaitely my partner! He surprised me at how good he was with our daughter even though he’d never held a baby before and was so worried! He’s a brilliant dad now :)

  5. TRACEY HUBER says:

    My darling husband who was so good helping me with my twins.

  6. alison johnson says:

    my mum x

  7. Susan Kempson says:

    My husband, he was amazing, he calmed me when I got anxious and when my daughter wouldn’t sleep he took her out to give me some much needed sleep!

  8. karen hill says:

    My sister, It was difficult as we lost our parents before i gave birth , wish they had been there to see baby, Got through it and my sister is my rock , thanks for the chance to win this x

  9. Helen Moulden says:

    My mum – I was so nervous, she really put me at ease!

  10. Carolynn Woodland says:

    My Mother without a doubt

  11. sam cornford says:

    My husband was amazing and took his share of everything. I was amazed at how well he took to daddyhood.

  12. harriet says:

    My family

  13. harriet says:

    My family

  14. Jason Henson says:

    All the nurses and doctors in special care unit as my daughter was born 2 months early they were brilliant

  15. Keith says:

    My old Mom did the washing.

  16. Jayne T says:

    My hubby, he was a fantastic help.

  17. Renee Armstrong says:

    My Mum

  18. Rachel Craig says:

    My mum, I think mothers tend to try to empathise with their daughters at this time of a life changing event.

  19. Pauline Simpson says:

    Having a husband who was willing to share the sleepless njghts even though he had to work the next day

  20. James Seale says:

    The midwives that visited, they were wonderful to my other half and our son.

  21. Julia Linsley says:

    My lovely husband

  22. andrea lloyd says:

    my mum is always there for me

  23. tamalyn roberts says:

    my mum was there for me when my daughtr was born, she was fab x

  24. Rachel McMillan says:

    my auntie sue was there for me.

  25. lara davis says:

    My best friend was there when ever i needed her even if in early hours of morning asking questions or needing to chat x

  26. Cat Williams says:

    my mam

  27. My husband was amazing when our first baby was born. He helped with night feeds even though he was working. He would rush home from work every day to get in and have some quality time with our gorgeous girl. He is a big built man and I just remember him trying to dress our tiny premature girl in a wee pair of tights lol. :-)

  28. tina edwards says:

    my mother in law she would always at the end of the phone and often called in just to sit with the baby for a while so i could have a bath or shower

  29. EMMA WALTERS says:


  30. My mum came round and cooked us dinner which was so appreciated!

  31. Silvia says:

    My mum, by offering to help with lots of thing around the house

  32. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My mum, she always told me to listen to advice and then do whatever felt right for me

  33. Linda Hobbis says:

    My midwife. She came round several times to explain (again!) how to position nipples and breasts so my daughter could feed.

  34. Tressa says:

    My mum and mother in law both stars

  35. karen hutchinson says:

    my partner and my parents

  36. Jennifer Harris says:

    My Husband was a great help in the early days of parenting and still is

  37. My husband was/is amazing!

  38. Pauline Wilson says:

    Family taking her out for walks to let me keep on top of the housework and ironing, its so hard when you have a new baby to run around after all day. Lovely prize package :-)

  39. Danielle says:

    My partner :)

  40. Gemma Kitchener says:

    My mum made a massive difference. I couldn’t have gone through it without her xx

  41. Erica Price says:

    Our antenatal group – still seem them regularly years on.

  42. sarah rees says:

    my family especiaally my mum

  43. Jennifer Wallin says:

    Nobody really, with my first baby I didnt get much help but with the second one I already knew it all so I didnt need any!

  44. clair downham says:

    my mum helpinme and of course my hubby

  45. emma says:

    my husband

  46. frances hopkins says:

    My family x

  47. Hannah Hughes says:

    My sister brought me a massive tin of homemade biscuits (7 different types) when I was in hospital – much much better than hospital food!

  48. claire matthews-curtis says:

    My partner, but to be honest he was totally amazing through all 3 of them.

  49. Laura says:

    My NCT buddies who were all going through the same stages at the same time, and my sense of humour!

  50. TracyJo (@tjsi1963) says:

    Definitely my mother, with all her wisdom and experience, couldn’t have done it withou her!

  51. tracy steer says:

    my best friend

  52. Couldn’t of done it without my good old mom

  53. Ashleigh Allan says:

    my mum!

  54. Debbie Finch says:

    My husband – changing nappies and making tea in the middle of the night

  55. Louise Reeks says:

    My mum,she was so helpful

  56. Anna says:

    My mum, she was present but not intrusive, she helped with the domestic stuff freeing me to be with my baby. My first child hardly slept and she often took over for an hour or two in the night so that I could at least get an hours sleep every day.

  57. Karen Barrett says:

    My husband, Andy.

  58. Alison Joyce says:

    My husband, he was able to take the first 4 weeks off work to be with us and it made such a difference.

  59. Tracey Belcher says:

    My friend David – was an amazing support and surprisingly hands on too – Thank You Dave

  60. Phil Darling says:

    My wife was quite handy with the feeding

  61. leanne williams says:

    my wonderful fiance

  62. Zoe G says:

    My other half, he was great and even went supermarket shopping which was funny as he came back with all the wrong things, but he did do a lot to help me

  63. Laura H says:

    The Hubster – he was the one that was always there!

  64. Claire D says:

    My mum, she was so much help

  65. terrie mckenna says:

    my mother :)

  66. Tracey Peach says:

    I don’t have a baby but my friend does & I hope I made a difference to her

  67. Laura Jeffs says:

    My lovely husband :-)

  68. lornakennedy says:

    my family :)

  69. Shelley Hawkins says:

    friends and family – one friend turned up in her lunch hour with 2 massive lasagnes, 1 meat and 1 vegi, it kept us going for days!

  70. donna clinton says:

    My partner,it’s such an emotional time and he was always there when i needed him!

  71. Lauren Purdy says:

    My partner. I had an emergency c-section and was in loads of pain for the first week, I could hardly do anything!! He was amazing.

    Then my mum helped with questions I had as well as there to support me :)

    Lauren x

  72. Val Swift says:

    My mum, she stayed and helped with the cooking and clean

  73. Sarah Birkett says:

    sooo many people, but my sister, my mother and my husband would all top the list

  74. sarah lambert says:

    My mother-in-law was great, She cooked me meals and took my washing so i could spend time with my baby :)

  75. Joanne Mapp says:

    My brilliant Mum came over and stayed the night when my Daughter was about a month old so at least I could have one decent night’s sleep. I am eternally grateful to her.

  76. Amanda Hattie says:

    My partner, he’s the best :)

  77. Rebecca Maddocks says:

    My husband, he took care of everything round the house.

  78. my sister, such a support

  79. Lj Baker says:

    My sister went above and beyond the call of duty – she was always there when I needed her and she gave me some much needed advice and emotional support.

  80. Jemma taylor says:

    My whole family, daughter for being so good while I was in hospital for a week, partner for keeping everything together, house, school runs, bringing food in for me and my mum for being there for me.

  81. Harpal Kaur says:

    My mother-in-law and sister who came to stay with me and help me with everything from bath time to nappy changes

  82. paula burnside says:

    My sister, I could always rely on her to look after my other children when I needed her.

  83. Kate O'Neill says:

    A friend’s mum, Penny – my mum had died a few months before my son was born, and I was only 18. Without the help of Penny I have no idea how I would have coped.

  84. clare greenwood says:

    my husband. he actually delivered our daughter when i went into labour suddenly on our bathroom floor.

  85. justine meyer says:

    My mum allowing me to concentrate on baby whilst she did all the other everyday things around the house

  86. suzanna gentle says:

    My best friend Julie. Always there to take over when i needed a break

  87. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Nobody, it was hell. Which is why 2 years later I was divorced and never had another child! Now I’m living happily ever after with someone nice ;-)

  88. Marycarol says:

    Has to be my mum – she just seemed to have the magical touch and helped out with housework too!

  89. Kathleen marsden says:

    My Mum knew everything and advised and nurtured me into the way I should cared for my babies

  90. Margaret says:

    My mum, she was really helpful.

  91. sophie hassan says:

    my husband..my life

  92. Christina Field says:

    My Mum

  93. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    my nan, she was always there with a hug or some good advice.

  94. fiona o farrell says:

    Definitely my partner. He was absolutely fantastic helping out and letting me have some baby and me time when I needed some peace to bond. Also he was a dab hand at nappy changing!

  95. Janice Mackin says:

    My husband.

  96. Rachel says:

    My sister, I would have had no idea how I would have coped

  97. Rachel Downes says:

    My Mum. xx

  98. Anthony Harrington says:

    my mother-in-law and father-in-law were fantastic, they helped us above and beyond.

  99. Greig spencer says:

    my friends

  100. Julie Guy says:

    My mum. She always gave me good solid advice, and was always there for me.

  101. maureen findley says:

    my daughters have been my strength for years

  102. Amanda Milton says:

    My mum x

  103. Sophie Hocknull says:

    my husband <3

  104. Rachael G says:

    My Husband was my rock when our kids were born. We had some problems with family, but he stood by my side throughout.

  105. Jill Webb says:

    My mum

  106. Tracey Quinn says:

    My lovely mum

  107. Natasha Male says:

    my nan!

  108. Rebecca Maddocks says:

    My husband x

  109. emma mitchell says:

    has to be my husband always knew the right thing to do and say <3

  110. Robert Cousins says:

    My mum

  111. Rebecca says:

    The health visitor who said to stop reading the baby books and trust our instincts.

  112. kelly brittle says:

    my mum she was a god send always on hand to help if i needed it

  113. Tracy says:

    During the first few days of both my children being born I would not have coped without my mum. She was there constantly. Day 4/5 of my first child, at 5 in the morning she was driving round the town trying to find an open shop selling baby milk as I just could not take the pain any longer!!!

  114. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    My husband and mum. :)

  115. elizabeth says:

    my family

  116. Karen Railton says:

    my friend and husband

  117. julie baxter says:

    my friends helped :)

  118. Susan Bowe says:

    My husband, he was everything I thought he’d be and more

  119. Lisa Armstrong says:

    Mum travelled the long journey to help me whenever I was struggling x

  120. Ian Dowson says:

    Everything always felt like a rushed blur, but I would say that my mother was the biggest influence on keeping me sane during my 1001 ways a baby could get hurt, ill or just experience sadness… It was tough, but ultimately she gave me the confidence to relax my mind and just ‘be’

  121. Heather Shaw says:

    My mum fr sure

  122. Stevie says:

    Little Mo. Our tortoise seems to have a magical calming effect.

  123. Kathryn Booth says:

    my partner, but also my wonderful health visitor. gave brilliant support and encouraged me to get out and about to post natal group where i met a wonderful bunch of new mums just like me.

  124. jessica newman says:

    My fiance he was a great support and a hands on dad

  125. Susan Sargent says:

    My husband

  126. My sister was a great source of support, as was my partner.

  127. Louise Hutchings says:

    My late Mother, I was a young single mum and her help was amazing xx

  128. Pamela Downey says:

    Wish my Mum could have been there to help

  129. Laura Carneiro de Azevedo says:

    my friends

  130. Fiona Matters says:

    My parents – because they’re awesome!

  131. Kat Lucas says:

    My husband as I have no family left

  132. Vanessa Crowley says:

    my friends

  133. angela sandhu says:

    My mum was there for me

  134. Stacey Carnell says:

    My fantastic partner! :)

  135. W. Howard says:

    My partner – who was a star!

  136. Ann Weir says:

    my grandma! She was absolutely amazing when I was panicking about certain things and still is and my little boy is 4

  137. Becky John says:

    My family helped so much in the early days, they made a huge diference

  138. katie skeoch says:

    my mother – until I had a child of my own I had no idea the power of a mother’s love :)

  139. Michelle Fouracres says:

    My mum who came and stayed with us for a week (she lives 200miles away) and my husband

  140. My mum :-) she helped so much

  141. Miss Helen Southam says:

    I am still in the early days, my daughter is 10 weeks old. My partner has been brilliant though, would have struggled without him!

  142. shelley stevenson says:

    My best friend Nicola was a massive help to me when my daughter was born.. we lost touch ages before i was pregnant and came back into my life after the birth.. she was an amazing support and such a good friend.

  143. katrina walsh says:

    My net door neighbour, Liz. Although she was battling cancer herlsef at the time she used to have my little girl who was 3 at the time for an hour or so a day while I looked after baby

  144. donna parkin says:

    my parents they would remind me to eat and function my eldest is disabled and needed heart surgery first 6 weeks in hospital , i looked like a zombie

  145. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    james blunt -his music got my son to sleep!!

  146. JEN LOU MACE says:

    My amazing friend, Denise – she lived just around the corner and had her own baby of eight months. However, she always turned up just as I was at the end of my tether to help out, support me and bring me a home-cooked dinner. A true diamond of a friend. x

  147. Pam Gregory says:

    My Mum!

  148. saffron khan says:

    My was always there for me

  149. Kellie Robertson says:

    My Close few friend.

  150. cheryl lovell says:

    My hubby was amazing and allowed me to settle into motherhood

  151. Darius Dragasius says:

    My mum

  152. Faye Huntington says:

    My mum of course! With love, Faye xx

  153. KRYSTINA DRYDEN says:

    Having my husband round made the biggest difference following the birth of my son. I had pre-eclampsia and spent a long time in hospital before my son was born. Just being back at home, safe and well with my husband was a huge accomplishment and one I’ll certainly never forget.

  154. C Parkin says:

    my husband

  155. Liz ferguson says:

    With my first child, we had moved to another area to be closer to work.
    So, I was without the support of friends and family.
    A lady who lived a few doors Way, befriended me, and was an invaluable support system to me.
    She couldn’t have children of her own, but had fostered and adopted lots of children over the years.
    That street was a last minute choice, as our first choice had fallen through.
    I think someone somewhere had a hand in guiding me to that street, because I couldn’t have coped without this woman’s help and kindness.

  156. lowri earith says:

    all of the doctors and nurses at the royal bolton hospital as my son was born 3 months early and was in intensive care for 5 weeks. i owe them everything x

  157. Nicola Stephenson says:

    my mother was always on hand to help and get my shopping etc

  158. irene gilmour says:

    my twin sister

  159. irene gilmour says:

    my twin sister

  160. Kay panayi says:

    Had to be my mummy

  161. Elizabeth yeates says:

    my mummy!

  162. Bridget Rayner says:

    my husband he just got stuck in

  163. sarah davison says:

    My partner – he got up every night with me, he changed nappies, done all of the housework and anything else he could do to help

  164. Kirsty Woods says:

    My whole family

  165. elaine stokes says:

    my mum x x x x x

  166. EJ Dunn says:

    My mum supported me so much as it was a complete shock!

  167. Catherine Bell says:

    My mum without a doubt

  168. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    My brilliant midwife – we named the teddy bear after her

  169. Patricia Walker says:

    one of my neighbours kept me sane and sensible when my eldest was born prematurely. She was always there with a cuppa and an ear and just to be ready on the rare occasion my daughter slept in the first 6 weeks to make sure no one disturbed us

  170. Christina Curtis says:

    My fiance. He was a total saint!

  171. vandervaulk says:

    My Mum she came every day to help

  172. Danielle woodman says:

    Definitely my husband and my mum was brilliant as well.

  173. Caroline says:

    Definitely the visiting midwife. She still remembers my eldest son and he is 15!!!

  174. BEKI LACY says:

    My Mum was amazing

  175. Hayley Louise Colburn says:

    my husband made the world of difference, he was so helpful, I suffer with MS so am weak and tired a lot, he took on everything he could, obviously I didn’t want him doing everything but he made sure that if help was needed he was there, i’m sure he’d have been the same if I wasn’t ill though to be fair to him

  176. Helen says:

    They do get bad press, on occasions, but it was my husband who made a big difference when our baby was born. Unfortunately he did not get paternity leave immediately after the birth but that didn’t stop him getting up for the baby in the night and bringing him to me to feed and settling him back down, cooking, shopping. He was amazing and I don’t know how I would have managed without him.

  177. Becky Downey says:

    my husband who took lots of time off

  178. Julie Thomas says:

    My mother, she helped full time for the first two weeks, cleaning, preparing food for us, bottles for baby and she realised when I had an infection and made sure I had medical help – a lifesaver!

  179. felicity morris says:

    My husband. Couldnt have done it without him

  180. Alana williams says:

    My mum was all help i needed

  181. Chris Bell says:

    I’m about to have my first baby due on 6th, and my husband will be amazing and will help me with everything (I HOPE!!), and my mum is planning to help out a lot too when my husband has to go back to work!

    On a side note why only 2 weeks paternity? Why cant we be more like Scandinavian countries?! :(

  182. Angela Williams says:

    Being in hospital for a week, the midwives worked hard trying to get me in tune with breast feeding my new baby. My husband was great too.

  183. helen booth says:

    my husband and parents

  184. ellen sturman says:

    my wonderful Man

  185. zoe bryan says:

    My husband. He was fantastic making sure I had time to rest no being pushy over breast feeding and making sure I was made to feel special not just the baby. He Is one in a million.

  186. Postman says:

    The doctors and nurses. Eve was five weeks early. Without them, there may not have been an Eve for too long. She’s now 13 months old and happy and healthy!

  187. Mary says:

    My mum was obviously wonderful but my dad really surprised with how brilliant he was with the baby.

  188. Philip Cooke says:

    My parents

  189. olivia kirby says:

    My husband, he’s amazing with the little ones.

  190. Alice Hindley says:

    My mum she was always there for me every step of the way :-)

  191. Mary Chez says:

    My husband and family

  192. My husband who took the time to make sure that I had plenty of rest

  193. alice lightning says:

    my parents really helped alot with my first son thanku mum and dad ( who sadly is no longer here)love you both

  194. Nicola Holland says:

    Some old lady in a supermarket…..who stopped me and said very kindly “listen to all the advice that everyone will give you about raising your children, especially the mother-in-law”. Then use the bits of advice that you want, but in the middle of the night you’ll try most bits of advice when it comes to colic, or teething etc. ” Then she disappearred. I think of her as my fairy godmother :)

  195. Tracy C says:

    Sounds weird but in a roundabout way my husband’s boss. Our daughter was diagnosed with a range of issues shortly after birth and he was able to get my husband extra leave to deal with everything that was thrown at us. He was off work until she was a couple of months old and would have been so much harder without him.

  196. Sheri Darby says:

    My eldest son, then 8, who was always more than happy to play with the baby and leave me to get on with cooking etc.

  197. Lucy Mayer says:

    One of the midwives was an absolute superstar when my twins arrived, she was a complete wealth of useful information (unlike most of the other staff, who were opinionated and pretty useless!)

  198. Jennifer Hudson says:

    She hasn’t arrived just yet, but my husband has been incredible throughout my pregnancy.

  199. Peaches says:

    the wisdom of a mother’s mother is so practical and helpful!

  200. Kelly Hooper says:

    My Mum, I didnt have a clue what I was doing and she was totally non judgemental and did everything she could to help me

  201. Lisa Ellison says:

    My husband, I suffered with postnatal depression and a awkward baby, although at the time we couldn’t see any of that, the depression was not diagnosed and we never knew we had an awkward baby (having another showed us the difference), But hubby really stood up, he would do his full time job and then come home and cook tea and then I would go to bed for some rest. I dont know how we got through those times.

  202. Charlotte Clark says:

    my mum! xx

  203. Karen R says:

    Hubby did everything he could to take pressure off me :)

  204. Paula Phillips says:

    My mother helped me a lot when my partner wasn’t there to help.

  205. stacey kirkbride says:

    my husband. he really is a natural daddy and will always stay up with the kiddies at night if they wont settle to give me a rest. we’re expecting our third baby together x

  206. Nancy Bradford says:

    My wonderful health visitor. I had forgotten a lot after 15 years and she gave me loads of good advice.

  207. Solange says:

    My husband

  208. Haze says:

    My mum and my best friend xx the best support a new mum could have xxx

  209. Janine Atkin says:

    my partner did alot of night shifts so i could sleep!

  210. Claire Butler says:

    my mother in law

  211. DENISE S says:

    My husband

  212. Brenda Wilkes says:

    My mum. I don’t know how I would have managed without her and just wish she was here now to see what a fine young man my son has turned into.

  213. jessica agyin says:

    my partner was amazing. he did everything while i was bedbound cause of my c section wound

  214. Maria Barton says:

    My mother god rest her

  215. Mary says:

    My wonderful mother!

  216. Naseem says:

    My grandmother was my saviour, especially me being on my own. :)

  217. Jane Green says:

    The internet!! The ability to conect with others in similar circumstances.

  218. Bex allum says:

    My partner he was such a great help and took our eldest to dancing to give me a break :)

  219. Ashli says:

    My parents and partners parents :)

  220. Without a doubt my MUM made a huge difference she was there to help me whenever i needed it

  221. Hayley Todd says:

    My husband, he was absolutely fantastic x

  222. Katherine Penny says:

    My 3 year old daughter was so good in the first few weeks, well behaved and fetching things for me. All changed now tho LOL

  223. Joanne says:

    Definitely my amazing fiance

  224. Rachael Donovan says:

    my husband and family x

  225. Katie Walden Hall says:

    My mum :)

  226. Tracey says:

    My mum and my husband

  227. Susan Hoggett says:

    my mum

  228. Yvette D says:

    Our family helped by cooking for us!

  229. Becky Shorting says:

    the grandparents!

  230. Colette Sheeran says:

    My friends who would babysit for me so I could have some time to myself. As a simgle parent this was crucial to both mine and babys well being.

  231. Maggie Coates says:

    Friends that offered to look after my daughter and take her to pre-school etc. were a great help when my son was born.

  232. Rachael says:

    My mum!

  233. Rebecca nisbet says:

    The other half was amazing, he helped out alot and made it alot easier for me, my mum aswell was amazing, she didnt interfere and was there when I needed her

  234. Sue Harrison says:

    My parents and grandparents.

  235. Jill Fairbank says:

    My two teenage children

  236. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this for charity, to go to Romania.

  237. Helen Craigs says:

    My mother was a very good support, sadly not longer with us

  238. Christine Bray says:

    My sister who had just had a baby herself – I would use her as my ‘Google’

  239. Reg Vandra says:

    My better half 11

  240. Hannah Whitling says:

    My closest friends that i call family

  241. Kerry Pool says:

    My friend, and an internet baby group.

  242. My MIL I should have chased her off the property!

  243. Kim W says:

    My husband was amazing

  244. Cheryll H says:

    My twin sister :) <3

  245. michelle bennett says:

    My nan, i was on my own and didnt find out until my daughter was 3 that i was suffering PND. When others told me i just need to cheer up and stop feeling sorry for myself she stepped up and supported me. She didnt beat around the bush with her words and tbh at times it grated on me her being around but i dont think i could have got through it without her. When my 2nd daughter come along she did the same as well. My girls are 11 and 7 and to this day i go to her above anyone else if i need advice or a rant xx

  246. TRACEY TOLCHARD says:

    My nan – she supported me when i went home and provided me with a little me time too!

  247. karen dixon says:

    my husband , so thoughtful and helpfull

  248. Clair dutton says:

    My nana

  249. Wanda malt says:

    My mum was a godsend

  250. Helen Garner says:

    My husband

  251. Sam Furniss says:

    My mum.

  252. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    My wonderful Mum and Nan, I took so much advice from them and it meant for a wonderful experience for me.

  253. Liz says:

    My husband.

  254. claire fawkner says:

    My mum! Amazing

  255. Naomi Buchan says:

    My Mother in Law, she was always on hand in a practical way helping with housework and everyday things

  256. Zoe Coen says:

    My partner, mum and my little boy

  257. Joanne Billington says:

    My husband was my sanity and help with our newborns. xx

  258. Amy Ripley says:

    My husband – he supported me so well when my daughter was tiny!!

  259. sarah gray says:

    sadly i have not been lucky enough to have one of my own, but i help my partner with his children. x

  260. abby carroll says:

    my best friend as other half had to go back to army duties

  261. Lynne McEvoy says:

    My mum – she came and stayed with me for the first 2 weeks after my son was born. She was amazing, giving advice and help whenever i needed it.

  262. kerry little says:

    my partner was great he gave me all the support i needed, my family werent as supportive, also my who live nearly 200 miles away always on phone if i needed her x

  263. Emma Lewis says:

    My mum. x

  264. Nicola Lynch says:

    My husband, I really could never have got through those days without him. We have a reflux baby which made it all the more harder. I will always be grateful for the amazing support I received, and continue to to this day.

  265. kate bryans says:

    my hubby, the only one who was there for me throughout!

  266. My late mother in law, she was so helpful and there whenever I needed her

  267. Julie Davies says:

    My Mum, she was amazing, always there when I needed her but never intrusive

  268. Alison Johnson says:

    My wonderful Husband was absolutely brilliant.

  269. Samantha Fenn says:

    My Partner…. My mum passed away when I was pregnant with DS1 and I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without him.

  270. elaine hollis says:

    my aunt and youngest sister

  271. Amie Jones says:

    My momma x

  272. Keeley Shaw says:

    My husband who would give me a break when he was home, and was very hands-on with both our littluns, But also my son when I had my youngest as he would keep her amused if I needed to get something done, and littlun doted on him.

  273. michelle lintern says:

    my mum!

  274. adele knight says:

    My mam was a great help, making lots of meals and babysitting

  275. Alexandra McGahey says:

    My partner and both of our parents :)


    My husband’s mum

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