Pampers Big Kiss – You helped eliminate…

…maternal and newborn tetanus in Myanmar, South East Asia!

Ok so new readers are probably wondering what an earth I’m on about. Well some of you will remember that back at the start of October I asked you, time and time again (sorry!) to click on a link to donate a vaccine to help protect those that need it against newborn and maternal tetanus.

Well the big news today is that another country has been ticked off the list.  Tetanus has been eliminated in ANOTHER country. And that is thanks to your help with the Pampers Big Kiss campaign.

(*Elimination of maternal and newborn tetanus is defined as less than one case of newborn tetanus per 1,000 live birth in every district of the country (as evaluated by WHO))

Over the past five years, the time during which Pampers and UNICEF have partnered they have reached 21 countries in 2 different continents. Of these targeted countries, 14 are now completing all their planned maternal and newborn tetanus vaccination activities thanks to the Pampers and UNICEF campaign. These countries are:

1.    Afghanistan
2.    Angola
3.    Burkina Faso
4.    Cambodia
5.    Cameroon
6.    CAR
7.    DRC    
8.    Gabon
9.    Laos
10.    Mauritania
11.    Senegal
12.    Tanzania
13.    Indonesia
14.    Ethiopia

Now there was some equally brilliant news a while ago which I never got around to blogging about. And that was that Team Two, the team I was team leader for, won the little challenge set by UNICEF and Pampers, we managed to draw in 3,361 vaccines!
It was announced on a few weeks ago and Team two were thrilled! But we didn’t win by far and a huge well done has to go to Team one for being so close behind us, 2,087 vaccines, and ultimately the fact that combined we managed to pull together over 5000 vaccines is pretty damned impressive!

A huge thank you must go to all of you though because without you retweeting, sharing on facebook, and ultimately clicking, we couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!

Also you can still help by buying packets of Pampers nappies which have the “1pack = 1 vaccine campaign” logo on them!

Thank you once again and its amazing what the power of social media can do along with the determination of some bloggers such as my team members, 2IrishMoms, ManicMammy and Lady Scribbles!

Bloggers really can make a big difference! *high five*

The final push…

Some of you may remember earlier on this month me blogging about the Pampers Big Kiss campaign, and how a click could save a life? Well the campaign is on the home straight now, the final run, the last big push. Yesterday I found my notes I had made on the day we visited UNICEF HQ in London and thought I would share with you a few bits I had noted down which I wanted to remember. Now if you saw my notes on paper you would see why this is hard to put on screen in any logical order, its a mess quite frankly! So here are a few bullet points!

  • The vaccine for tetanus has been around for 80 years already. 
  • The 2010 target for vaccines given will be 40 million.
  • The point of the campaign is that its things Mums do already (ie buy nappies, laundry powder, washing up liquid)

  • The vaccines are designated by looking at three key figures. The under 5 mortality rate, Absolute child population and the GDP (Gross domestic product) of the country. 
  • India’s GDP is higher than the DECs GDP
  • UNICEF has national committees in 36 countries. 
  • In newborns death from tetanus and other illnesses usually occur within the first 7-28 days of life. 

  • Money that is donated to UNICEF is held in the strongest currency to give it the highest value and stays in there for as long as possible.
  • Countries that need the money such as Haiti, Pakistan etc work wit an overdraft which UNICEF ten pays off. 
  • If the country is in such a state that it doesn’t have a reliable currency etc then a UNICEF dollar can be used. 
  • Donated money can be traced in blocks and show exactly what it was spent on down to a towel, mosquito net etc.

  • When buying vaccines UNICEF will buy from countries with lower GDP’s who need the economy/money such as buying from Angola rather than France. 
  • If required factories will be built where required and locals employed.
  • Copenhagen holds the main stockpile of vaccines.
  • In places of risk UNICEF can back the vaccine and then repay rather than do so upfront, if there is a risk of it being used elsewhere/sold on etc.

So as you can probably tell from those snippets of information it was a thoroughly interesting day into the workings of UNICEF and what they do and how they operate. We were able to speak with people who have been on trips to Haiti with Robbie Williams, and those who have had colleagues trapped in areas of serious conflict. 

There are so many charities around the world that do such amazing work and UNICEF is just one I know but for this one month we are asking you to CLICK, that’s all. And by clicking you are donating a vaccine. A vaccine that will save a life somewhere around the world where it is desperately needed by those children at risk of losing their life to tetanus. One baby dies every nine minutes from Newborn tetanus. That is one baby too many as far as I am concerned. 

Than Than Khine (UNICEF)

UNICEF provided us with numerous case studies which made for fascinating reading on how these vaccines are getting out there into the field, where they are needed. One was of Than Than Khine a midwife who helped vaccinate 300 women and children in a village in Northern Rakhine State, MYANMAR (Near the bangladesh border). The women are aged between 15 and 45 but it hasn’t been an easy task to get them to sit in that classroom awaiting their vaccination. Than Than Khine goes on to explain “Before, women here don’t come to receive vaccination because they don’t know the benefits of it. So I had to mobilize them by explaining that this vaccine prevents tetanus, a shield for infectious diseases. Then, gradually they accept and come to receive the vaccination.” Not only do UNICEF give these vaccines they first have to help educate the women as to why they need the vaccine in the first place, quite often they fear that it is something bad they are being given and so refuse it. 

With your click people like Than Than Khine will be able to continue their work giving those that need the vaccine the opportunity to be one less figure that might be affected by Maternal and Newborn tetanus. But they cant do that without your assistance. These vaccines dont just appear from thin air. And equally if we all thought, “Well my click isn’t important, someone else will click” Then there would be no vaccines to give would there? UNICEF need YOUR click has created a video which the the lovely ManicMammy and In My Own Write have kindly narrated so please do take a look at their hard work and see the Pampers One Pack = One Vaccine campaign in action. 

And please do not forget to CLICK.

Pampers Big Kiss Update

So its six days since we first met with Unicef and Pampers to discuss our ideas as bloggers for the Pampers Big Kiss campaign. And since then we have all been working our socks off in terms of getting the word out there! 
Here’s a little low down of what has been going on this week…
  • We have an article on mumable which went up on Thursday. 
  • I have used my Angel Photography and facebook pages to promote the cause. 
  • The GoViral network featured the campaign in their newsletter which reaches 1600 publishers.
  • We have been tweeting away with the #pampersbigkiss hash tag and have had some wonderful RT’s from everyone, including a few celebrities. 
  • An article is set to go up onto Familyvie’s website this weekend.
  • Messages have been posted on netmums, moneysavingexpert and forums as well as British Mummy Bloggers.
  • We also have a twibbon that you can use on twitter and facebook 

I know that, 2Irishmoms, Manicmammy and Lady Scribbles have also been using their twitter contacts and emails etc to help spread the word further and far and wide. 
So now my question to you is, have YOU clicked? No? Why not? Its FREE, we aren’t asking you to give money to charity, we are not asking you to buy anything, all we are asking is that you click. That one click could save a life, a life of the newborns who are currently dying at a rate of one every nine minutes. That’s a mother losing a child every nine minutes.
PLEASE if you haven’t already please please click the badge below, that’s all it takes. How many times have you clicked that mouse and its meant nothing? Well today that click could mean something, that click will make you a lifesaver. 
A simple idea. A lifesaving idea. 

If you want to help by uploading the badge to your blog you can use the following code:

<a href=""><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="Pampers UNICEF Team 2" /></a>

Your simple click could save a life

Imagine knowing that you could save a life. Through doing something so simple as a click of the mouse. How would that make you feel?

Ok so let me back track a little here. Some of you may remember some of the work I’ve done with Pampers this year including flying to Germany, learning about their new nappies and attending their product launch, more recently I had the chance to learn about a fascinating idea known as Haptonomy thanks to a conference call I was invited on.

Now I’d like to clear up one thing first, the relationship I have with Pampers is completely voluntary on my part, there is no contract between us and they have not paid me anything at any time. Now I know that there was a discussion on babycentre about the Germany trip and I would just like to clear up a few of the comments made.

I don’t want to be rude to the people involved, but I believe they would have had to fill in a fairly detailed questionnaire before being picked.

The participants of the trip were chosen at random,  we were not asked to fill in anything at all, it was simply an email inviting us on the trip like is with many blogger PR opportunities.

as well as getting an all expenses paid trip to their factory I find it near impossible to consider that they didn’t come away with a considerable amount of free diapers as well.  

My son hasn’t used nappies since 2009 and so I have received no free nappies from Pampers other than in the goodie bag I was given at one event and those went to my best friend to use on her newborn twins.

jeez, what a load of brainwashed crap! There must be some sort of payment involved as well as the free trip, or some sort of threat to the blogger… 

I hate to disappoint you here but no there’s not. No money has been exchanged between Me and Pampers nor have they made any threats. They are well aware that my blog is my space to write what I wish and if there had been something I saw that I didn’t like then I would say so, as I often do with other brands etc.

PhotobucketOk so now I’ve hopefully cleared up those few things time to get onto the important stuff! Pampers most recently invited me to attend a day at UNICEF HQ with them to discuss the partnership they have. We were told very little prior to the day but knowing that it was involving such a wonderful charity I was pretty excited as to what this would hold.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the Pampers 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine Programme. A program which has been in place since 2006 and has so far helped save lives of 100 million mothers and babies in 21 countries.

But why are they doing this? What is the need? Well the need is that in 2010 it is predicted that the lives of 59000 newborns will be lost to newborn tetanus and mothers to maternal tetanus. (WHO figures). As far as I am concerned that is 59000 too many when a simple vaccine which has been around for over 80 years could protect them against these diseases.

PhotobucketOn Monday we were given talks by various representatives from UNICEF who are helping put the vaccines Pampers donate into circulation and out onto the field. We spoke to Communications managers, Brand Managers, Corporate Relations managers, Fund-raising Specialists, International Programme Specialists amongst other UNICEF employees. Another key part of the day was hearing from a lovely lady, Rosie, who in August had the chance to fly to Cameroon with Pampers and UNICEF and see first hand what was happening with the program and how lives out there were affected by Maternal and Newborn Tetanus. She has started blogging about her trip and its well worth a read. The one thing that I noticed the most when listening to all these various men and women speak was that they are all clearly moved by the cause and what they have seen when they have been out there.

But of course we weren’t just there to listen to people talk at us. We had our purpose. We were divided into two teams, team one and two and set a task. That task being to come up with our own social media content/logos/twibbons etc.

L>R: ManicMammy,, Urbanvox, Mel C, Lady Scribbles, 2 Irish Moms.

And so we set to work. I was team leader for team two which was comprised of, 2Irishmoms, Manicmammy and Lady Scribbles. We had a wonderful afternoon getting our teeth into arranging our plans and designing our stuff. We put to use all our various strengths and networked as well. However now your wondering exactly what we were supposed to be coming up with? Well its around the Pampers Big Kiss initiative.

A simple idea. A lifesaving idea. 

And that’s where you come in. Pampers will donate one lifesaving vaccine for every click of the link below. That is one lifesaving vaccine that could save a newborns life, or a pregnant mother. The best thing? Its FREE. You can save a life for FREE. Its a click, thats all, we are not asking you for money, or to do anything (unless you want to) all we want you to do is click. Thats it.

How easy is that? With your help and your one click of the mouse we could really make a difference to the 170 million women that still need vaccines and protection from maternal and newborn tetanus. Please help us to Kiss It Better.

If you want to help by uploading the badge to your blog you can use the following code:

<a href=""><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="Pampers UNICEF Team 2" /></a>