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When I have £20k in my pocket…

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I will be booking a trip to Australia. Now I say ‘When’ because its all about believing it will happen right? Believing that one day you will be in a situation to be able to take that trip of a lifetime. When I first thought about how I’d spend £20k I thought of Disney World in Florida. And then I thought of how my son is dying to meet my surrogate Mummy who lives in Australia. And how he talks about her like he saw her last week even thought he’s never met her. About how she has been over here but we’ve never been able to afford to go over there.

And of course if I had £20K to spend I’d want decent plane seats right? BA tells me that first class would be £10K, that might be a bit to greedy! I’m used to living on a budget so business class would suit me! 2 Adults and 2 Children in Business would be £6K roughly!

So what would I do with the other £14K? Well I’d give us £8,000 to use as spending money. To fund travelling around Australia seeing all the places I’ve always dreamed about. Surfing on the coast. Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Walking over Sydney Harbour Bridge. Skydiving in the hot sunshine. Spending time with my surrogate Mummy. Building memories with the boys, memories they would treasure forever. It would have to be a month long holiday. Its something we’ve always said we will do is go for a month because when we get over there it really will be a once in a lifetime thing I believe.

And there would be £5k left over obviously. That I’d give to two wonderful charities, firstly the Lullaby Trust, the charity who support families affected by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the charity we raised money for when we jumped out of a plane in memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae. And secondly I’d support The Trussel Trust because they are doing amazing work helping families put food on the table. Families who have no money and are struggling, which sadly at the moment is ALOT of families. More and more people are needing the services provided by The Trussel Trust which is a sad case in itself, but their food banks are ensuring that when single parent families really are left with nothing they have a little something there to ensure they can feed their children and themselves. And that is SO important.

£20K could help build memories and make dreams come true for me and my boys. It could help charities who always need a little extra.

How would you spend £20K?

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  1. Just reviewing entries to the competition for BritMums and wanted to point out that the link to the National Lottery website is not working properly. Would be fabulous if you could rectify this for us. Thanks

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