When training plans don’t go to plan!

I wrote a few weeks ago about Man V Mountain training starting and how I wasn’t too sure how a time based plan was going to suit me. And how I much prefer to stick to a plan rigidly.

Well. Lets just say that I didnt stick to it rigidly! The first 4 weeks I managed a half decent training plan, those were still in the school term so childcare wasn’t an issue. But from the second half of the next four weeks the kids were off school and so it became more of a challenge to fit in running. My mum does alot in terms of looking after the boys for me when I have appointments or interviews etc so I always feel bad to ask her to have them whilst I run too.

I have continued with my pole fitness and I’ve been doing Julia Buckleys Fat Burn Revolution program which I’ve been able to squeeze in at home doing the workouts whilst the kids are on the trampoline or swings in the garden, so I am not unfit. But I have to admit knowing I haven’t trained the way I usually would for an event like Man V Mountain is making me extra nervous about this Saturdays attempt to climb up Snowdon! This is not being helped by the current forecast of rain and storms! Just to add to the difficulties! Because climbing up a mountain isn’t hard enough let alone in the rain and wind and cold temperatures!

Mentally I’m not in the strongest place I have ever been which is not helping how I feel about the event. I am hoping that once I get going I will find the pace of one foot in front of the other. One of my other friends who has done it suggested focusing on the quiet and beautiful surroundings so I figure its probably a good time to try the mindfulness I’ve been trying to work on too!

Either way my goal is to cross that finish line, even if I’m crawling!

Wish me luck!


Aerial Hoop – A new hobby!

A few weeks ago my studio where I do pole dancing lessons put up that there was a beginners exam for aerial hoop that needed to be filmed and volunteers were required. The word free caught my eye and before I knew it I was one of those volunteers.

I have admired friends show off what they know on the hoop for months and have always wanted to get around to trying it myself. I just hadn’t. It looked scary the way the hoop moved! Pole doesn’t, it stays in one vertical position!

The night came and in the opposite to pole we were recommended to have full length leggings on and thick socks or leg warmers. A contrast to pole where you need as few clothes as possible to stick to the pole! It was a hot night so I found the thinest pair of leggings I could! Our instructor ran through the moves we would be doing for filming so we had a rough idea and then we did the filming.

After an hour as we wrapped up the filming there were three distinct thoughts I had.

One, my hands were on fire! The hoops are wrapped in tape to help you with the grip and getting up into them isn’t exactly easy. The palms of my hands were literally swollen!
14067471_10157393293160374_2998884659544838944_nTwo, my upper body had worked alot more than it does in pole! Obviously in pole you do use your upper body but this is different. To sit up in the hoop we were hanging from our legs and then bouncing ourselves up into sitting position relying on the strength in our arms and core to get us upright!

Pulling yourself up from here = TOUGH!
Pulling yourself up from here = TOUGH!

Three, hoops move! Trying to mount a hoop without sending it swinging in a Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball video style was HARD! As a poler I am used to a real ‘kick’ to get myself inverted but hoop requires a real core strength to just lift your legs up and over your head! A strength I don’t get have!

Overall though just one hour of hoop saw me totally hooked! I am really hoping that I will be able to find time when the kids are back to school to squeeze in learning hoop as well as pole because it was just awesome!



A first DNF

Saturday I had my first ever DNF. 

It wasn’t a spectacularly hard race that mentally challenged me. It was all obstacles I’d done before. 

It wasn’t that I wasn’t physically fit enough. 

It wasn’t because I was injured. 

I was a bit poorly but really it was because mentally my head just wasn’t in it. 

Thoughts of ‘you already have two hats you don’t need another‘ and ‘it’s just a piece of metal on a string‘ combined with being a total hormonal wreck and just not being able to stop crying led to me pulling out after 3 miles. I was ready to pull out a mile in and stupidly I pushed on a bit more. I ended up with my head in a really bad place by the time I did walk back to the car. 

Am I gutted I didn’t do it? No. It wasn’t a race that meant enough to me for me to care. I’ve lost my love of OCR. And truth be told I’ve lost my love for running. I was so relieved to get back get my kit on and snuggle on the back seat and doze until the girlfriend finished. 

I only have two events booked for 2017 at the moment and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do about those. Both are long distances. 

The rest of this year is going to see me do man v mountain. Could be interesting with my current feelings about running. Then I have a tough mudder, colour run and the rest of the men’s health series. I did have Bournemouth half marathon but I have taken the decision I won’t be doing that (space still for sale). My heart isn’t in running at the moment and that just makes it to hard. I’ve always been an advocate of do what you love. For a long time that was running. But now it’s being in the gym, hanging upside down from a pole and spinning in a hoop. 

What do you do that you love

7 years of blogging!

It occurred to me last week that I have had this blog for over 7 years now.

Officially it turned 7 on the 15th June. Thats pretty mental.

7 years of memories.

7 years of growing up, evolving, changing, adapting.

In 7 years I have:

shared posts about why I so passionately champion the give blood campaign.

written about my grief for friends who departed too soon, friendships that ended too soon, loved ones we have lost

used the blog as an outlet throughout my Open University Degree

opened up about my birth trauma and the slow journey to acceptance and moving on


written a regular diary throughout my second pregnancy

shared the difficulties of losing weight

PicMonkey Collage

my journey into discovering a love of running from the early days

the highs and lows of my first half marathon

my first marathon

subsequent brighton marathon


injury woes last year

discovering the gym as a way to keep fit

beginning my journey with pole fitness


I think one of the biggest things to come out of writing this blog and being part of the parent blogging community though was the fundraising I was part of following the sudden death of Edspire’s beautiful daughter Matilda Mae.

The year she passed away we did a skydive and continued to do them for two years following as well as last year running 24 events to mark the 24 months since she had passed away. The first two years raised over £10,000 for The Lullaby Trust as a combined group of bloggers. And last year I added another £700 on top of that.

PubSkydive7 (copy)

And so – so much more ranging from events to reviews. Reading back over 7 years of posts shows me just how many fantastic events I have been a part of and how many brilliant brands I have worked alongside. I’ve made friends and been inspired by many.

This blog for 7 years has been my space on the internet. Where I have been able to talk about whatever it is that is relevant to my life at the time. The things that matter to me. And hopefully it will continue to be that way for many years to come!

Snapchat vs Insta Stories

I’ve used snapchat on and off for the past few years. I used to have a friend that I spent all day snap chatting. It was pretty much how we talked most of the time. Sending each other stupid pictures and having conversations with them. Then I went off it for a while and recently I came back to it to see what the filters were all about.

Not only filters but I discovered that there were stories. And little stories from magazines and websites such as buzzfeed and Mashable that changed every day. I also love watching the stories of some of my favourite fitspiration like Carly rowena, Cat – Imperfect Matter and Fitcetera.


Filters hiding the bags under my eyes and all the spots!

I also love how depending on where you are in London you get different filters. And how you can make a story of your whole day and save it. Little things like that make all the difference. It’s relevant. Updated daily and always relates to he latest trends and news.

And then recently one morning I woke up to discover Instagram were copying! Mind blowing! Suddenly Instagram was no longer just photos or short videos but now it was also snapchat too.

Now my first Instagram issue at the moment is the fact the time line is no longer a timeline. Like what hell Instagram? I can’t log off for 3 hours then back track to where I last was anymore. It sucks! The new way of doing Instagram is pants. I don’t know what the algorithm is but it was quite telling this morning when after unfollowing about 100+ people last night my timeline was suddenly totally different today! Faces u haven’t seen in weeks suddenly reappeared.

And secondly Instagram stories. So they only last 24hours…. Like snapchat. You can comment on them but it sends it as a private message which personally isn’t a feature I have ever really used on Instagram that much other than with close family and friends! So it just feels a bit weird to comment on someone’s story for it to go as a private message! The filters are just a bit meh!  So you just look rough as hell rather than pretty with a bunch of gold butterflies around your head or like a dog. Literally.


No pretty crown?

Viewer wise though there’s a distinct difference. Now obviously followers on both will make a difference but I have over 1000 followers on Instagram and a lot less on snapchat. When I look at how many people have viewed the snaps a significantly higher amount are viewing the Instagram stories than the snapchat ones but I just prefer snapchat!
So for the time being I think I’m going to primarily stick with snapchat on the most part and occasionally use insta stories if I feel like using them!

What do you think? Snapchat? Insta Stories? Both? None? 

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