How to snare a Millionare – Channel 4

Ok be ready for a rant…

I have just caught the last half an hour of How to snare a millionare on C4. So I’m not fully up on what she was trying to achieve or why other than a man with money but I have to say I am absolutely disgusted! I thought C4 was improving recently but tonight has shown wrong!

I’m sorry but how self centred and how litte do you think of yourself to go looking for a man with money? Why do you feel you need a man with money to make the world go round? Why do so many people focus on money? After I switched over to a program about marriage, again caught the last 5 mins but the woman said it all, you can be poor and happy! Why do these women and IT girls feel they have to go out, boobs and legs out to try and “snare” these men? Why did this woman feel the need to sign up to “” its disgusting and degrading to do that to yourself!

People that focus upon money amaze me, the career I am choosing to train in doesnt pay well, do I care? No, it will serve enough to feed me and my son, put clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads and enable treats but it wont mean we live in a life of luxury, but why would you want to do that? Life would be boring if everything was handed to us on a plate! Lifes no fun if we dont work for things and save money for fun holidays, and save for that new TV. Why just have everything handed to you on a plate? Where is the fun in that?

Rant over!


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