Technology:My love hate relationship

Ok so I feel a rant coming on. Technology. Its fricking wonderful piece of well equipment, to be able to send an email to the other side of the world and recieve a reply straight away. To send a text, a call. Without technology, phones, internet etc I couldnt keep in contact with my 2nd mummy who lives in Australia, I miss her so badly but luckily because of FB Chat if I wanna have a cry I can do so and she can still give me all her comforting words and love she just isnt physically here.

However, Technology also stresses me. On a lesser scale … Farmville. A facebook application that I and many others have recently become obbsessed with! You have to remember when your crops are ready for harvest or they’ll go to waste! What a stress!!!!

Now on to my main rant, my phone. I have a severe love hate realtionship with my phone and always have due to some past issues shall we say. In 2007 after breaking up with my sons father I spent a blissful week in Cornwall having left my phone at home in a drawer, it was HEAVEN! No one could bug me, no one could send me pointless texts, no one could call me for no reason it was lovely, and since then whenver I go away I make a concious effort not to take it or use it less.

Want to know the times I hate most about my phone? Are when it has one of those days where the whole world wants a bloody piece of me! The bank, the friend, the landlord, the builder, the estate agent, the health visitor etc etc then theres the friends and family texting and it just does not stop, it drives me bloody insane, I get to a pointwhere I physically want to throw the phone against the wall and never turn it on again!

I know phones are wonderful things and can save lives by them being there in an emergency and help being called in a moments notice and if J isnt with me its always on “Loud” incase whoever he is with has an emergency etc but that doesnt stop the annoying rage I feel against it some days!

Rant over.


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