Charity Shop v Mothers

Ok so this morning, like we reguarly do we went for a walk to Ashford, J sitting contently in his buggy chatting about the world around him. Did our usual bits, popped into Charity Shop A, all was well he was snacking on his biscuit and chatting to the staff, popped in Charity Shop B and half way through browsing the manager came over and in no uncertain terms said “You must leave as your child is eating” to which I just stood and stared initally! And then walked out and said theres 4 other charity shops in ashford that will like my donations and money.

Now honestly something similar happened in the same shop a good year and a half ago and I avoided it for a while but decided to start going in again after a few months. Have been going in, J eating like he does in his buggy as its normally snack time and not had any problems until today.

Personally I just wont go back in there now on a matter of principal. J doesnt misbehave and tug at clothes because he knows hes not aloud to do so and if he had dirty hands I wouldnt dream of doing so. I also always make sure his buggy is out of reach of the clothes anyway.

Seeing as he always eats in other shops and we never have any trouble I am slightly annoyed by this one womans vendetta against children and eating. Needless to say I will be posting on my local parenting boards and informing all mums that I know!

Rant over.


3 thoughts on “Charity Shop v Mothers

  1. I am so glad that you could have a good old rant about this and I can understand how annoyed and put out that you were.Isn't it great that there is a good choice of second hand shops near you and that you can so easily avoid giving business to this one shop in the future?It is so short sighted of the manageress to have such an attitude though and as this was the second event it is clear that she was not simply having a grouchy day. It's a shame that the charity represented by this shop will lose business because of her attitude. You are probably not the only person who has been put off by the attitude being displayed – is "unattracted" a word? Certainly seems the right word for this…I know tha shops are entiltled to set their regulations about eating in the shop however I guess the lady in question doesn't have great people skills as there are so many ways that she could have expressed her discomfort about little J having his snack whilst in the shop.And good for little J, sounds like he is a proper little gentleman when shopping, glad he enjoys his snacks 🙂

  2. I have never understood why some people have such unreasonable expectations for children. They are not tiny adults. They eat and sleep on different schedules. Sometimes they cry. It's normal, developmentally appropriate behavior.

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