Three years ago today…

I nearly lost my life giving birth to my wonderful son. There were numerous complications which hadn’t been picked up in the pregnancy such as I am a rare case of having two seperate uterus’ and my bladder was attached to one, so when they performed the c-section all went fine until they started to stich me up and I remember lying there hearing them say “that doesnt look quite right” I was still concious at this time but sleeping, my mother was in the room holding her new grandson and had to witness all this, luckily she is medically trained which truely kicked in later. Two and a half hours later I was wheeled into HDU but unfortunately for me it wasnt to end there. I suffered serious clots in my uterus and following that my heart rate went through the roof that they told my mother if it went much higher I was at risk of cardiac arrest. I of course remember nothing of this and the following day could not understand why the nurses were fussing around me so much including ones that had come in especially to see how I was doing. I thought I’d given birth and that was that! I didnt really know what happened properly until last year when my Gynaecologist talked me through the whole thing. Of course our drama didnt end there did it?

My fears of J being unwell were confirmed when at under 24 hours he developed Jaundice and Sepsis and was whisked off to NICU. Theres no denying it PNT kicked in so fast! I hadnt even been able to hold my son because of the pain I was in and now he was in a different part of the hospital! I remember late one night after his dad had gone home my mum wheeled me up in a wheelchair to NICU, every bump hurt and I can remember the whizzy thoughts going through my head as I was wheeled past all these sick babies. I eventually reached J and his nurse told me how well he was doing and how his dad was being wonderful at caring for him too. I breastfed him for a while but it was agony and he wouldnt latch on properly! At 9lb 3oz it was hardly a suprise he was a hungry little thing!

Eventually after giving birth on the Monday evening I left HDU on Wednesday nightjust before midnight and was moved to a private room on the ward, minus my son who was still on Nicu 😦 The following day it was agreed he could move to my room but with his UV lamp over him, it was like a SAUNA! I sweated off those baby pounds lol! He relapsed later in the week after them confirming he had cleared the jaundice he infact hadnt and was back under it! The poor mite hated it as he couldnt be held while under it and didnt like his goggles at all. His dad had great fun trying to keep those on him!

We eventally left hospital the following monday, 7 days after giving birth and that was when i suddenly bonded with him, PNT was still prominent because of his birth and the fact I remembered very little but eventually i kicked that!

Looking back at both of us now you would never know how unwell we both were at that time, I feel a fraud saying I almost lost my life when I’m sitting here healthy and with just a scar and heart problems to show for it!

J of course has thrived and today is his third birthday! I cant quite believe its 3 years already! He seems to have woken up a 3 year old! He talks constantly and asks heaps of questions! He’s excited today about it for the first year as he really gets what it is now! We are currently waiting for my best friend/surrogate partner to come over and do presents 🙂 Thats one side of single parenthood I dont enjoy, being the only one there for pressies. So seeing as Emma’s like a co parent she is joining us in presents today which I am so excited for!

We are taking him off to a hands on science place which I know hes going to love with his godmother too today which is going to be heaps of fun! I’m more excited than him! Lol!

So I wonder what this next year will hold for us? This year we survived my miscarriage, the breakdown of my parents relationship, me starting college, moving again and we are both stronger and closer than ever. He is my darling and my wonderful little monkey, I wouldnt change him for the world. The saying I love you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow is so true in our case, every day when that gleaming smile beams at me all the troubles of the world melt away just for a moment and when he comes up to you randomly and says I love you for a moment you turn to mush!

Jason Dominic Glenister, you are my one and only my first born child, I love you with all my heart and more.

Lots of love

Mummy x


One thought on “Three years ago today…

  1. Good EveningI just wanted to drop you a message/comment and say how pleased I am to see that you are doing so well. It made me smile.As the long journey that is the road of 2011 begins, I wish you and J all the best for the future.Some friends may be gone… but never forgotten.x

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