Slippers and dressing gowns

So me and my bestie were out in London town on Friday night, the plan had been to go and see Chris Moyles being filmed however that didnt happen as we were too far back in the queue 😦 Wasnt such a bad thing though as got to meet a lovely twitterer @beenbags. Shes so sweet and lovely! Was great to put a twitter name to a face! So after a wander around South Banks Xmas Market and me and my bestie debating over the london eye or not we decided on Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland. It was stunning. I of course managed to get us off at completely the wrong tube stop and we ended up walking the whole way around the outside of hyde park! Eventually got there! Was really impressed compared to the small thing it was when I went a couple of years ago with an old friend.

It’s impressive now! THREE rollercoasters! Bestie wasnt convinced by my geeky side making a return and I was telling her who they were made by etc lol! That old Coasterforce part of me is still there a bit guess I just dont have the time to nurture it at the moment! We had some lovely grub at one of the MANY stalls and a good look around all the crafty stalls etc! Some lovely things people made! We fell in love with the silly hats lol! Then found a jazz band which were pretty blooming impressive I have to say! Cant remember their name though bestie did get a card. Then after bestie trying to convice me to try ice skating and me flatly refusing on the grounds of i am a responsible mother and would be no use to J with a broken ankle! So we have agreed to go somewhere quieter to try it out! Ideally I want my mates boyfriend who plays ice hockey to teach me!

Eventually we sauntered off home. While on the tube however we encountered what we nicknamed the weekend girls. The girls that go out every single weekend, with short dresses (no matter how cold it is!) and heels that they cant even walk in! And it got us talking about our own habits and such. I for one since I have had J havent been drunk, you may laugh and say I’m lying but I’m not. Even on my 18th I drunk but didnt get drunk. Probably due to my issues with alcohol as my late Nan was an alcoholic. And why would I want to get drunk and have a hang over in the morning when I have a bouncing toddler that wants entertaining? Some of my mates think I’m mad, “the mums” shall we call them all go out reguarly to staines and get drunk and to be honest I avoid it where possible. Drunkness is just not me. We got talking about how neither of us are really the going out getting pissed type. Bestie is a 2nd year Uni student and she does go out but doesnt drink when she does or never to a degree where she is more than tipsy. We are both the kind of girls who would rather be at home in bed tucked up warm watching a DVD, thats a good saturday night for me!

Its funny because on Facebook I have all my old school friends etc all of which on a Friday and saturday night will be “Yay going out tonight” and during the week its a countdown to the weekend for them, now maybe I’m boring in the fact I dont share the same passions or maybe its that when you have a child at 16 and become a single parent shortly after your 17th birthday you have to take ALL the responsibility for that child, and when they are your world why would you want to jepodise that? I dont simple fact! It wouldnt be fair on J if I was to role in at 3am and then be lying on the sofa all day while he got on with it! Children need stimulation, playing with, challenging, given opportunites to explore the world, a hungover parent cant do those things, or at least not very well.

Now I’m not saying every parent shouldnt drink, its an individual right of passage at the end of the day as to weather we drink or not, personally I dont and dont know that I ever will. In tescos yesterday my mum was buying alcohol for xmas, just beers for my bro and stuff and was like what do you want? Yet I’ve told her thousands of times I dont drink, is it really so hard to believe that a 19 year old is t-total?


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