Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!

Get the feeling I’m excited?

Well its the 1st of December! Only 24 days to go! ALL my xmas shopping is done! I’m so pleased! Its the first year I have managed that! The year I had J most of it was done in advance which was a good job too seeing as the pain from our traumatic birth adventure lasted well into January!

I’m dreaming of a white christmas… mainly because I think my poor mum needs the distraction. She’s admitted shes not looking forward to christmas but I am determined to make it a good day for her. Me and my father are still at loggerheads over weather I will see him on Christmas day. He doesnt like it when I’m assertive and dont give in, he hates it. And he just cant accept that I’ve made my descision and thats not going to change. He keeps saying can we talk about it and I’m like yeah except I’m only going to tell you AGAIN why I am not spending any time with you at all!

I’ve got a book out now that I’m using as my christmas planner, its something I remember my mother doing when we were young, she had recipies and lists of who gave us what so I’ve started mine this year! I cant wait! I love christmas even more now I’ve got my lil man and especially as he’s starting to get the whole christmas idea this year!

Havent decided if we are going to see Santa yet, went when he was one with his godfather and he screamed lol! Think we may give it a shot this year and see what he thinks. I’ve also made the descison that I am taking him to the childrens service at my church like we always used to when we were young. Its normally lots of fun and the Rev who I grew up with and christened J is still there and he always makes it good! Mums coming for that too and I’m hoping I can convince Rory, then it will be back home for an early night ready for lots of presents the next day! I’m like a big kid!

24 Days and counting! Thats me!


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