Are we all as trustworthy with our money as we like to believe?

Is there such a thing as being financially stable?? Like truely stable? We could all given the choice fall into debt. I did. It was so easy when I was offered a credit card and be able to treat J to everything he’d like, all those things that normally as a single parent you have to say we cant afford today. It was great not needing to think no sorry sweetheart, not this week. Credit cards, overdrafts, loans, they are all to easily handed out! I know because I took them. Luckily for me I’m now out of debt but having been in debt since, well late 2006 and now that feeling of freedom and being able to sleep at night knowing that I’m comfortable financially and theres not going to be another red bill dropping through the door in the morning is lovely and I am working my hardest to keep myself out of debt!

When I reached 18 the bank called me in and offered me a credit card, I thought yeah great this way I can use it in emergencys. Haha yeah at 18, given a £1500 limit, was I going to be sensible? I think not! I wish I had been and I’m not ashamed to say I wasnt, I think we can all safely say most of us at 18 given that much money, we’d quite gladly take it and run, then however due to poor money management I also ended up with an overdraft, thankfully the moral of my tale is being sensible I got myself out of it pretty flamin quick!

However its not the same for everyone. I have friends who now dont even open the post when it pops through the door. One of my friends is being taken to court over a ex boyfriends payment because he’s not registered at an address and she is! All for £50! But its £50 that she doesnt have to just give to them. Like me shes a single parent and she has to budget weekly and plan her shopping. Thankfully as toddlers get older in some respects they get cheaper. No more nappies (HURRAH FOR POTTY TRAIINING!!!!) and no more expensive baby milk because J couldnt stomach the normal one. So thats almost £15 weekly that I now dont have to spend which now goes on more fruit and veg for us so we have soups and stews etc.

I’m still lucky that even though money is tight, as a single parent with one income I suspect it will always be tight I am still just about able to treat me and J every now and then, being sensible I am saving for a holiday next year by putting £10 a week away and more if I have anything left over. And it feels great now when I look at my account and theres nothing glaring at me in RED 

The other day in Psychology we had a great debate over what you would seek from another person (current topic is relationships) now quite a few people suggested money. Now for me personally this is the biggest turn off EVER! I’ve been there and done that, I’ve dated the striving to be a millionare type and it does nothing for me! I guess the fact I appreciate the value of money and if theres a tenner in my pocket I’ll make that go as far as is physically possible rather than thinking right how can I make my next ten quid!

So why is it half my class of 24 were convinced that you sought someone financially stable, rich, well off. Now does that make me odd for the fact I am not looking for a multimillionare to fill in the gaps in my life where there isnt cash to float around on designer clothes and 5* holidays.

I dont think so. To me it shows that I have self respect, self worth, am happy in my own skin and dont need another person to make up for my shortfalls. Why would I want someone who was able to bail me out every time? I wouldnt learn anything if I had that would I?!


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