Single Parenting…. the lowdown.

oh, being a single parent, it is the most wonderful thing isnt it?
your lifes a mess, your heads a mess, your house is a mess, you feel like youre going round in circles doing the same things over and over. every day is its own little struggle.

sometimes you think to yourself whats the point? i have to find a babysitter every time i want to do anything. i cant pop to the shop without half an hour of persuasion. my purse and bank account are constantly running on empty. i feel like a failure. i have noone to come back to, no shoulder to lean on when ive had a bad day. im alone. my walls are covered in sticky fingerprints and last nights dinner. theres a constant stream of things to tidy up, clean and fix. i cant even remember the last time i had a night out, or went to a restaurant without being embarrassed. sometimes i feel like screaming at them more than they scream at me but i cant. im not just a parent, im a person!

but then theres a cheeky smile, a soggy kiss and a hug that feels more like a little strangle. theres an unbeleivably strong love you never knew was possible. theres the memory of the first time you met, each probably just as scared and confused as the other. theres the first time they take a step, the first day at preschool and the first time they say “i love you too mummy”. theres watching them learn and discover something new everyday. theres a sleeping face so peaceful and innocent you cant help sitting and watching for half an hour, wondering what their dreaming, thinking just how incredible the journey so far has been.

Single parents, and all parents, you are amazing, its damn hard but its worth it, and were in it together.
proud to be a single mum

I have just read this on one of the parenting forums I go on and I just had to share it with you all. It completely describes the rollercoaster of emotions that being a single parent is. The fact that financially things will be tight and even emotionally you may be alone yet always there is this little person there, who needs you, who loves you, who in return loves you in their own special ways, at the moment for me thats big squidges round the neck that near on feel like being strangled but those little things and that cheeky smile, ALWAYS make my day and because of that little man I go to bed  with a smile on my face every single night and wake up to a wonderful fully energised excited at what he can discover today wonderful little son.

I love you Jason Dominic. Always and Forever!

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