My addiction is to…

So using this weeks writing workshop prompt one I am going to tell you about my addiction.

As cheesy as this sounds, my addiction is to my son. Now we didnt have the easiest start to his little life with numerous complications but in the long run it has made me more dedicated to him than I could have ever imagined.

When the little man was born I had rather major surgery following his delivery by emergency c-section involving cutting open my two (yes you heard right, two) uterus’ and my bladder which had been attached to one of them. Needless to say the surgeons who werent expecting this occurence were rather shocked and tried to patch me up twice before getting it right the third time. Of course because of damage to my bladder I had to have a catheter for 7 days. So that was me set and strapped down for 7 days, Then 24 hours later little man was diagnosed with Jaunice and Sepsis, dont get me started on the sepsis unless you want a mega rant but ladies seriously if you think your waters have broken and the hospital dont believe you, just remind them that it could cause your child an infection, thats what happened with us! So he was whisked off to St Peter’s amazing Nicu department where he was well cared for by his nurse and my mum and his father.

However this put a nice distance between us not only physically but emotionally, when he had gone to NICU I hadnt even held him! So leading onto the key point in this story. 7 days later I had to go for a scan the other side of the hospital on my bladder to make sure all had healed etc, was told it would take half an hour and I would be bakc in my room. So J’s father stayed with him and my mum accompanied me, needless to say NHS being the NHS it didnt take half an hour it took over an hour and a half and that was before I was finally seen. All I can say was at that moment something kicked in and I just wanted to be back with my child. I hadnt felt it prior to that moment but suddenly all I wanted was to hold him and care for him and love him, and that was the moment my addiction to him started.

Ever since my whole life has revolved around this one little fella who made a loud appearance after a long labour on the 20th November 2006. So for the past 3 years two weeks and five days he has been the centre of my universe. Everything I do somehow relates back to this little man, be that improving my self worth and earning potential to give him a good life, or having the rare night out to help keep mummy happy so he has a fun happy mum.

My little man, my addiction, has changed my life. I have gone over the past three years from an anxious, unconfident, scared, 16 year old parent to a confident, proud, self assured, 19 year old parent who loves her son more than anything in the world.

Never has there been a more true saying than “I love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow” with kids I think this truely applies, when you feel that initial rush of love you cant imagine ever feeling anything stronger but every day you do, as they grow, as they develop, as they walk, talk, run, jump, climb, learn. All these amazing things that these little people do which brighten our days and enhance our lives.

I hate when I am apart from my little man and feel lost without him including the hours I am at college at present, which isnt very many but I cant wait to be back with him being tickled and bounced on and playing rough and tumble and the big sloppy kisses and tight squidges he gives me.

So there you go. My addiction. Its to Jason Dominic Glenister.

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4 thoughts on “My addiction is to…

  1. A lovely post. It's funny that, as mothers we feel weird revealing how "addicted" we are to our children. Nope, I don't like it when he's not there or when I don't know what he's doing. It's like there's a limb missing, or something.

  2. What a beautiful relationship and an incredible journey you have come through. A beautiful post – a real testament to your love and commitment as a mother. Jason is a very lucky boy :)x

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