Clean vs Tidy – The Debate

Clean and Tidy, The same thing? Or not? In my opinion not. I like to keep my home clean and can be very obsessive about it however tidy is another matter. Ever since I was tiny I have always been known as the one who lived in mess. My room never had room to be able to move and I would navigate my way over piles of stuff to get to my bed as a kid, I remember it well! Even in my teens it didnt stop, I tried, no word of a lie I did! My dad put up countless shelves, brought me countless boxes etc to keep all my tat in but did it work? No! I’m far more content with my clothes and junk on the floor and believe it or not I can normally find exactly where something is, its like a photographic memory if I go looking for a certain top I know it will be in pile A B or C etc.

Now when I moved out of home 18 months ago I suddenly had to clean as well as tidy! Growing up cleaning had been optional, Mum and Dad did it and if we wanted to help they were grateful, we rarely did help though! I was more of a fan of helping by cooking and leaving a mess in the kitchen!

So by now you may be wondering what the difference is between clean and tidy? Well for me tidy is when everything is stored away in its right place and you can see the floor etc, no mags and tops lying around places. Clean however is when you have done your best to get rid of germs etc so scrubbed the toilet, cleaned surfaces etc.

Cleaning, now thats one thing I do obsessively! I hoover daily! The lounge and hall way anyway. Bathroom, Stairs and Bedrooms get done at a weekend. Everyday I spray antibac spray on all surfaces that are touched even places such as the television button, germs lurk here you know! I will scrub down stairgates, hoover sofas to get dustmites out, scrub jasons table and chairs so there are no germs etc. So all these measures lead to an attempt at a germ free home, it will never be possible to have a germ free home, I know that! Dont we all?!

Now some of my friends argue if you arent tidy you arent clean, now I disagree. My flat nine times out of ten is untidy, but thats how I like it, and to be honest having a 3 year old its pretty flamin hard to keep it tidy! I’ll spend all day making it look spotless and he will walk in and within 5 minutes there will be stuff EVERYWHERE! Its the childhood way, is it not? But that doesnt mean my flat isnt clean! By taking all these measures its at least clean even if a little untidy!?!

And on that note I must hang up some clothes…


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