Do something amazing….

…give blood.

That good old motto. The National Blood Service are ALWAYS in need of donors to help save peoples lives. These may be people who have lost a huge amount of blood in an accident or are terminally ill. Here is a rather interesting set of statistics over the useage of blood in the uk:

The Top 10 Users of blood
Anaemia (medical) – 23%
Orthopaedics – 14%
Haematology – 15%
Gastro intestinal bleeding – 11%
General Surgery – 10%
Cardio thoracic surgery – 6%
Obstetrics & Gynaecology – 6%
Vascular surgery – 5%
Urology – 3%

So why am I blogging about this? Well I am blogging about it because I cant give blood myself. Why is this? This is because I recieved blood myself, it saved my life. During J’s birth I lost a huge amount of blood and so recieved a blood transfusion. This unfortunately means I cannot give blood myself under current guidelines and rules. So for me doing my little bit for the National Blood service is encouraging those who can give blood to do so. My own parents have always reguarly given blood but for both of them it has become more important since J’s birth. Friends have given blood because they’ve heard me talk about it. If anyone even mentions they are considering it I encourage them greatly. Such a simple act can save so many lives.

There are a huge amount of restrictions obviously for everyones safety. But if you are in the circumstances where you can donate, please consider it. Even if its only once thats better than never doing it at all. Some people donate reguarly but you dont need to to make a difference. Its such an easy thing to do and you get free tea and biscuits! Who can refuse that offer?!

If you want to make a difference or are interested in potentially saving someones life like mine please take a look at The National Blood Service’s Website.

And can I lastly just say a huge heartfelt thank you to all those that have in the past donated blood I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you brave people, thank you.


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