The good old xmas blog!

Blimey I havent blogged about xmas yet?! I’ve only just realised! Thats amazing lol!

Well as predicted it was a busy period. Christmas eve, cor I can barely remember! Well little man eventually fell asleep and the presents were brought out, because he’s such a light sleeper Santa decided to leave his presents outside his room rather than by his bed because he would have seen it in the middle of the night and off he’d have gone! Clever santa!

Lil fella eventually woke at 8:30, whoooo lie in! Lol. I woke a bit earlier and was getting fidgety because I wanted him to get up and enjoy it!
When he finally did get up all hell broke loose! There were presents flying everywhere! This year he took the tact of open, check it out, next one. We got through all his presents in under and hour which he thought was pretty good. He had fun playing while I got some breakfast ready and myself sorted before we went to my mums where he had ANOTHER stocking and Santa had left me one too!

Highlight of the day would have to be speaking to my Aussie Mummy! She rung around 11:15 and Mum burst into tears when she heard her voice which I knew was going to happen. They had a long chat before my brother had a brief catch up and then Me and Kyles had a loonnnggg chin wag! At which point my son produced an electric guitar which his great uncle had brought him, mummy wasnt overly impressed to say the least! I am however getting used to it now!

We had a lovely meal, Me and Mum having Mushroom Melts which were just delish! J took a liking to Grandmas brussel sprouts as well as my chocolate log I made which he proceded to have 4 pieces of before itgot hidden, out of sight out of mind 😉

We came back to mine at around 5 and had a small tea here before little man went to bed, I say went to bed, he requested bed and then the days e-numbers set in and he was bouncing around the lounge until nearly 10:30! Boxing day onwards all sweets that hadnt been eaten were discarded!

Boxing day me and my sis hit the sales, not before I’d had some fun at her parents with the wonderful Bazil! Picked up some wonderful bargains during a 4 hour child free shopping spree in Windsor.

My father came over in the afternoon but lets just say thats a whole different rant.

My mum and bro came over in the evening and we watched a DVD Grand Turino, wasnt the most amazing film I have ever seen but it was pretty good.

Sunday we visited Js great grandparents (my grandparents) and they spoilt him rotten of course along with my Aunt. Then relaxed for the rest of the day.

Monday Me and J went into london and had a great day doing the London Eye and The Aquarium, free too! Good times! The aquarium has changed so much now its merlin run, its nice but I wasnt so enamoured, I guess they’ve just put the “Merlin” touch on it a bit too much for my liking and have also reversed it? Uh why? Wasnt too keen on the shark walk, standing on perspex above the shark tank with them swimming below! J and his little friend stood straight on it while us adults stood back a little bit! J loved the eye and thought it was great and we even got the picture at the end, the things you do for kids! Our lovely little day out was rounded off with sandwiches on the train 😀

Hope all have had a wonderful xmas, I have enjoyed reading my fellow mummy’s xmas 2009 experiences and look forward to a great wonderful 2010!


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