Community Spirit and Friendliness

I was determined not to put snow in the title, I’m getting bored of it already lol. However this blog does relate to snow.

I’ve been out in the snow a few times, went to Richmond Park on Wednesday and Laleham by the Thames and yesterday I walked into my town centre. And I’ve noticed something. The white stuff makes us talk and interact!

I dont know about where everyone else lives but for me around here if you even make eye contact with someone walking towards you in the street your odd for doing so. Yet when it snows we interact with one another, be it a friendly good morning, a smile, a quick chat.

The white stuff seems to almost bring out the best in us. Normally when I walk into town the only people I will have any interaction with will be the shop staff and bankers however yesterday I had interactions with six people. These interactions ranged from “Good Morning” to “Watch that patch of ice over there”

There are of course also tales of people helping others when their cars get stuck etc so why does a little bit of frozen water help us to interact better, to do good deeds and to be friendly? And all this occurs while the country is coming to a complete standstill! Around here Surrey CC have now got such low grit supplies only A roads will be gritted, both paths and roads are hideously dangerous! I didnt drive yesterday and I dont plan to today, its not because I cant drive in the snow, I did my pass plus in the snow in the middle of April so snow is nothing to me but I’d rather not put myself at risk of those drivers who dont drive carefully and still feel the need to get up your behind and brake sharply! I dont mind if you want to crash your own car but I’d really prefer you didnt take me with you thank you very much!

So seeing as its a bit of a mummy blogging tradition now to post snow pictures here are a few of mine

Richmond Great Park

Bazil the Giant Schnazer enjoying the snow in Laleham

Jason and Grandma’s snowman and dog

Me and my sis


One thought on “Community Spirit and Friendliness

  1. That not looking at people is definitely a London thing, even if you are in Surrey – you're just that bit too close to us to allow looking at your neighbours. lol

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