I dont know why, at the moment I am so motivated. I always love new year anyway, the joy of a fresh start but at the moment I am SERIOUSLY motivated. I rearranged my lounge the other day, I’ve rearranged my bedroom today, I’ve got rid of heaps of junk, my finances are in order. Whats going on with me?! This never happens!

I’m also starting on my plans for this year. A few of which are as follows:

  • A trip to Cork with my best friend for a girly weekend of culture and pampering.
  • Starting a course in reflexology
  • Completing my college course I am currently on
  • Doing a Skydive for Childrens Adventure Farm 
  • Get down to the ideal weight for my height which is 9st 9lbs, but sensibly.
  • Writing in my diary more because I find it so theraputic
  • Build up my Indian Head Massage clients.
  • Continuing to enjoy my photography and buy myself a new lense

So no major biggies and not many at that but I would rather have a few to focus on than loads that then get forgotten.

I’m currently working on a website for my Indian Head Massage. Putting the final touches to it really. And alot of it is really just about making time for myself, something I’m not very good at, I then get hugely stressed and worked up because I’ve taken on too much so I’m hoping not to do that anymore! Weather its reading a book, experimenting with my camera, writing I am going to take a bit of time each evening for … me.

College at the moment is immense, our Unit 2 coursework is coming up for hand in and my current battle is with a sociology essay in examining Crime and deviance from a biological and interactionist approach, I’m working on it little and often and its slowly making sense!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Love to you all!


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