The Countdown begins

Ok so I am officially insane. Having declared last year on June 19th that I would never get on a bike again, and I havent since, I have now for the third year running signed up for the British Heart Foundations London to Brighton … someone want to explain to me why?

I cannot believe I have done it again. And I am now puzzling over why! Now dont get me wrong I LOVE the day, albeit its very hard work with the lovely south downs hills that you encounter on the way but the atmosphere is incredible, you meet wonderful people, you will each other on at the tough spots, you see people dressed in wacky costumes and as you cycle down into Brighton at great speed with the wind in your hair knowing your nearing that finishing line the feeling is just amazing, I cant recomend it enough.

Except… you spend the day with your own thoughts… it gets quite scary, well when your me and you have a brain that operates at a million thoughts a minute, you think about alsorts, how much of a struggle it is, when the next hill is, what to eat, should I stop at the next stop or push myself further, when shall I have another baby, do I really enjoy being single, why are we on earth … yes it runs into the plain odd!

As much as a physical challenge its also a mental challenge and to be honest in more ways than the physical I would say, you have to believe in yourself, absolutely believe you are going to get to the end. The first year, I really didnt think I would and that made it harder, in 2009 I believed I would and I did and in a better time! So this year I am just as determined. My arch enemy … my bike, is now fully prepped and pumped up ready to go thanks to my dad so I am now vowing to get out on the road as much as possible and start clocking up the miles!

Heres me at the end of my second London to Brighton last year, wearing my tshirt I made with my Grandpas picture on, every year I do this in memory of him 🙂

Wish me luck everyone! And if you feel like sponsoring me please feel free to do so (by clicking the widget on the left) all the money goes straight to a very worthy cause, British Heart Foundation do some wonderful work!

EDIT: Have found more of my london to brighton photos from previous years:

Me and my brother at the top of Ditchling Beacon … the highest hill on the ride and known as “the killer”
Reunited with my boy!
Diz was my homestart volunteer the year I split with J’s father and she now lives in Brighton so was there to see me over the finish line in 2009!
Me and my brother with my Dad, we all crossed the line together in 2009
Exhausted sitting in Brighton Racecourse carpark while my dad put the bikes on the roof
Going up Ditchling Beacon … most people push rather than ride!
Still not nearing the top, the trees mean you cant see the top that well!
2008 – The first year I rode London to Brighton … my Guides had chosen what I was to wear … needless to say they didnt get to choose in 2009!
Me and Dad crossing the finish in 2008 Hand in Hand

Me and J with my Uncle and Dad in 2008 at the finish
Hope you like 😀

5 thoughts on “The Countdown begins

  1. I so admire you, you're doing brilliantly to achieve this. btw, your face looks familiar to me for some reason.CJ xx

  2. Such a lovely thing to do it in memory of your grandpa.Can't believe you can run that far – I couldn't even walk it! (well maybe in about a year!) x

  3. Lol if I could run that far I'd be super woman, I'm cycling it. Its murder and lets just say your toosh suffers for a few days after!!! 😀

  4. Good for you Hayley – three years in a row too! It might be painful during the ride but I'm sure it feels rewarding after – power to you and good luck. I feel like I'm going to need something to get my bum back in gear after this pregnancy!I also wanted to let you know that I've referenced your blog as one of my favorite new reads in response to the meme begun at Who's the Mummy on sharing new blog discoveries!

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