Birth Choices

Well Mellow Mummy brought up some interesting points with her post about choices on location for giving birth, and she has no invited everyone else to post their own experience.

Its over 3 years since I had J now but I can say today I am more than happy with my choice in a hospital birth, however the location of the hospital I may have chosen differently next time around. St Peters doesnt have the best reputation you could say and during my pregnancy I was aware of this and even discussed a home birth with my Mum but we agreed it wouldnt be very fair on my Dad and brother who would also possibly unwillingly have to be at the birth of their grandson. So a hospital birth was decided upon. There are no “birth centres” around here and I blooming well curse that fact! When I was pregnant I watched a wonderful series set in a birth centre where it seemed so much more relaxed than a medical hospital setting. However my somewhat influenced birth location possibly saved my life. Ignoring that I was induced at 39+5 following an early labour at 36 weeks if I had gone into labour naturally my body would have still been unable to birth naturally due to the way I am designed see my unique anatomy HERE

This anatomy of mine meant that when it came to the pushing stages my uterus was unable to contract properly in order to push J out. Now had I had a home birth we would have been a good 25 minutes away from hospital, 25 minutes that could have put my sons life at risk, however we werent and after the consultant talked me into an epidural so they could use the ventouse and then quickly realised the big man was distressed and within 5 minutes he was out and healthy, that all happened in probably under 20 minutes from the moment I said ok to the epidural to J taking his first screams. Quicker than it wouldve taken had that emergency occured at home. And of course the life threatening after effects I suffered wouldnt have been able to be dealt with at home, I certainly dont have medication to stop your heart beating at almost 300bpm sitting around in my kitchen cupboard do you?

So I am thankful I chose the hospital to give birth in however next time I will hopefully go somewhere with a bit of a better reputation, somewhere that isnt as understaffed to the point theres one midwife to 40 beds on the postnatal ward and that has enough beds that no women give birth in the waiting area of the labour ward at 4am on a Wednesday morning!

So feel free to post about your birth choices and add them to Mellow Mummys link within widget!


One thought on “Birth Choices

  1. Like you, we chose a hospital birth but in the event Charlie was fashionably late so my wife had to be induced. I've read a few posts this week about under-staffed hospitals and such-like. I'm only thankful ours was fully-operational as I don't think I was much use!

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