Swine Flu Jab – that dreaded choice…

So today after having a mad dash for an appointment I then procedded to book J’s swine flu jab, for this evening. However this then sent me into a state of panic, was I doing the right thing? My lovely twitter friends helped to reassure me somewhat telling me their own tales and what they knew of it. Eventually I got my brother around as I needed to sound off on someone and we agreed that for something we would both refuse because neither of us are convinced by the testing why would we give it to an innocent child?

Theres enough information out there about the dreaded S flu The Guardian have a dedicated site here, the BBC also have their own dedicated page, along with this story which I find quite interesting “Two-thirds” of NHS London Nurses without swine flu Jab.  Ultimately the media have taken great delight from the moment this pandemic started in creating a moral panic over it. All the deaths are reported, regular figures released, pressure put on the goverment for a vaccine. And its that pressure thats my key concern. The goverment have released this quite possibly too early, who really knows how much testing has been done, who really knows weather in a few years time theres going to be long term side effects. Maybe there wont be, but maybe there will.

As a parent and a single one at that, its ultimately MY choice weather to give J the jab, theres no one to bounce off the idea, theres no one to share the burden with. Some choices its not such an issue over like schools and nurseries and childcare. But this is something which could affect our lives. I’m lucky I have my family around who let me vent at them when I need too my brother bless him takes on a great fatherly role and loves putting his two pence in, often where I dont want it but on days like today hes invaluable and I couldnt do without him. He has always been there for me and J from the moment he was born, he was there the night J was born. Every night when he got home from school he’d offer to feed J or play with him so I could have a break and he was only 15! He’s off to uni in September and I know both me and J are gonna miss him dearly but I know its the right thing for him and I’m so pleased hes going to do it!

Anyway back to the swine flu, after much discussion over my concerns we both agreed that I’m not going to give it to J at the moment anyway. Swine flu isnt that prevelant at the moment, if the time comes when theres an increase again and it becomes more serious and more cases then maybe I’ll reconsider but at the moment I’m not prepared to do it.

During my research online today though I’ve found blog posts and articles from so many people who are torn over their descisions in giving the swine flu jab to their children, so its good to know its not just me slightly worried. 


6 thoughts on “Swine Flu Jab – that dreaded choice…

  1. Personally, I think you made the right decision but I'm not medical and have no right to voice my opinion on something so serious.There isn't enough research, how can there be in such a short space of time.Take care sweetie, CJ xx

  2. I decided in favour of the jab. But then again, our family has been blighted by a death due to (seasonal) flu, so any kind of flu scares the hell out of me.

  3. I have the same dilemma at the moment. I have cancelled the appointment that the doctors sent as I decided not to get Master Frugal's done. What I am finding really difficult to weigh up is that one of my friends little boys caught swine flu before Christmas and was very ill with it.I don't want to give him the vaccine and discover it to have side effects at a later date but I don't want to not get him it and for him to get swine flu and be seriously ill….Aaaagh I hate grown up decisions!

  4. Hi, I actually had the swine flu jab myself earlier this week. I kinda wish I hadn't. I had read that the pandemic was over, which the nurse confirmed. She said that the cold weather had probably killed off the virus, although she thought it would probably come back again. However I had it anyway.My arm felt like I had been punched by The Incredible Hulk, and the pain spread to my arm and back. I also felt very sick for about 3 days. There is also a chance that a new strain may develop next year, which would mean me having it was pointless.I definitely don't want my 2 year old to have it.

  5. Yeah see thats my other concern that it could end up all being pointless if another strain develops. Good to hear your experiences thank you 21st Century Mummy!

  6. Thanks for this post. It's a decision I'm facing at the mo for Little Legs who is 9 months old. At the moment I feel exactly the same as you. I just don't want to take the risk. It's such a tough decision to make though x

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