The boy vs girl debate

Well having read Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummys blog about the show the other day 8 boys and wanting a girl along with all the tweets and others blogs I have read it got me thinking about weather I was bothered about having a boy or a girl.

When I had J I was 16. Half of me wanted to know, half of me didnt. J’s dad didnt want to know and my mum hadnt found out with me or my brother so was also in the dont want to know camp. I was quite happy to have a suprise. However J’s dad walked out of the 20 week scan and said oh well I think its a boy I saw the bits!? Hang on you didnt want to know?! Anyway… as I got bigger everyone told me I had a boy bump, I walked into a shop one day and the shop assistants all commented that I was having a boy by the shape of my bump … hmm! So to say I was rather expecting a boy would probably be right. When J was born a boy obviously I wasnt hugely suprised, just relieved he was healthy. Had he come out a girl I would have probably been shocked. Everyone thought I was having a boy other than my dad but he always gets it wrong so I wasnt listening to him lol!

The next one I have? Well again I’m not bothered. A baby is a baby, one of the most wonderful beings on the planet that you have created and grown and nurtured for 9 months. As long as they come out healthy and happy then whats the problem? Both boys and girls create their own challenges. They have different personalitys. They are testing at different times. It would be nice if my next child is a girl to get a different take on parenting a boy so far but if its a boy I’m going to be just as happy putting my boy parenting expertise into practice again.

Would I find out the sex next time? No. I liked being able to buy neutral stuff, yellows and creams and browns and whites. It made J look like a baby. I loved that and then being able to go out and buy boys clothes once he was born. If you know the sex you cant do that!

And on another parentng note. I was out with one of my oldest friends at the weekend for my birthday and she has just found out she is pregnant, shes 19, shes always wanted a child and shes made no secret of that but admits that she is now scared witless of the prospect. Her and her bloke turned to me and asked if there was anything I regretted about being a parent and immediately I came back with a firm “no”. She was somewhat suprised and reeled off a list of things she is scared of regretting and missing out on. And I amazed her with my the moment that child is born nothing else matters more than them and their health and happiness speech, she was rather surprised.


5 thoughts on “The boy vs girl debate

  1. I've thought long and hard about whether I would want to know the sex of my baby next time round. When I had Lara I was convinced my baby was going to be a boy right up until about a week before my due date. I'm just wondering whether the excitement about the surprise will be as strong next time round, or whether the practicalities (like knowing whether I can throw out all the pink clothes I've kept) will outweighh the excitement. I remain undecided.

  2. get your friend to read that!!As to gender….I only ever planned on one child and for lots of reasons I wanted a boy. I liked boys clothes more than the hideous pink frilly girl stuff, I'm not very 'girly'. and having only one it would be nice to have someone to carry on my husbands name……(I can hear the feminists all yelling at all that! ha ha ha!)Hubby wanted a girl, he says that it's a women's world now and becoming more and more woman focussed. Women can do all that men can do and MORE! like having children…So when we went for the scan (and I DID want to know) I told the tech that she would be dissappointing one of us!And it was a girl…..slowly got used to the idea, and by the time she was born (perfect and so beautiful) I couldn't imagine why I ever wanted a boy….Hubby was SO right!So for me….girl is best – and is what I have! If I had another? honestly, I want another girl but of course any baby would be fine!

  3. Oh, this has bothered me a lot..With DS I was a single parent, and wasn't bothered in the slightest whether he was a boy or girl.. I didn't find out, and I continued buying what I liked…It just so happened that the baby bath was blue, the bedding was lemon and blue, the high chair was blue and white, the bouncer was blue and white, and the travel cot was blue… Me nor my mother noticed until we got home with a baby with little boy bits.. It was perfect. :)With Dot, a 28 week scan revealed unofficially that she was indeed a little girl. It made no difference although I will confess the idea of having a girl both excited me and terrified me.. A little girl to dress in pretty pink clothes, but knowing that one day she would grow up. Girls seem so much more vulnerable in my mind for some reason.Having both, neither is best, as I love them both the same, and think having a baby is a blessing, and I will take what I am given. 🙂

  4. On my first pregnancy I never even thought about whether I was having a boy or a girl, nor my second. After two girls, I still wasn’t concerned on pregnancy number three, since my middle girl has cerebral palsy, all I wanted was a healthy baby…and this time I got a boy 🙂 Over from blog gems.

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