Why does it have to be one day?

Ok so you have probably all guessed by now I dont really do commercialized holidays such as valentines day. Easter well thats a whole other ball game!

So heres my bug bear about valentines day, why is it that we have to show someone we love them on ONE day of the year, what happens to the other 364 days of the year? Do we just take advantage of them then? No of course we dont, ok well some do, but the fact of the matter is why do we require a day to show that person we love them when we can do that at any time through simple gestures like being brought breakfast in bed, giving them flowers, buying them their favourite chocolates. We dont need a set day to say yep thats the day we must show each other we love one another.

Likewise all the other hallmark holidays, Grandparents day, Nurses Day and to a lesser extent mothers and fathers day. Why do we require a set day? We can show all these people we appreciate them at anytime! Why do we need it to be on that one day of the year? We waste money on tacky cards when surely something made from the the heart is more meaningful, like reciving a “Mix tape” (CD as is now the case) like was done years ago rather than buying the latest Take That album.

I dont need to show my mum on just one day of the year how much I love her, she knows I love her by the random texts I send her telling her how great she is, or when I buy her flowers for no reason other than shes the best. 

Easter? Well lets see where the heck has the religious meaning gone from that? And likewise Xmas?! Its all about Easter Eggs and chocolate now. Children dont know what easter is truely about these days because all they are concerned with is who is going to give them the biggest easter egg, and weather it will be Cadburys or Nestle.

*Rant over*


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