Personal Treasures

We all have them dont we. Little things that mean the world to us. I have so many of them. Things that I cant bear to part with.  So today I’m gonna post my special jewelry, stuff that if I lost I would be heartbroken.

First up are my special bracelets. 
The top one was handmade by my best friend for my 20th last month, I love it! Its very me and so special as its handmade, I’m so fecking scared of breaking it! I’ve only worn it once so far! 
The middle bracelet is a charm bracelet that my second mummy kylie sent me from australia, another one that has such special meaning I wont touch it, she sent it to me in my early teens and I have loads of charms I need to get put on it that I havent got round to doing! Must do that soon!
The bottom bracelet is a Swag one from J’s godmum, my thank you gift for being bridesmaid for her. Its gorgeous, I love lilac and again another one that I am shit scared to break seeing as how much it cost!
This is my childhood charm bracelet. It no longer fits, unsuprisingly! My parents brought me all the charms on here over a few years when I was under 10. The horses were representation of my love of horse riding as a child, until I developed an allergy to them 😦
This very plain gold bracelet was given to me by my Dads Mum on my 18th birthday in a lovely box saying remember me when I’m gone, I nearly murdered her myself! I hate to think of a time when I’m going to loose her and she knows that. It doesnt look it but its actually quite delicate, seeing as how old it is 😉 Its stayed in that special box sitting by my bed since she gave it too me. I know one day I am going to lose her but both my grandparents that are around although getting old are in relatively good health, I cant imagine them not being in mine and J’s lives. 
Finally these are my sentimental necklaces.
Far left is the swag necklace my best mate gave me last month for my 20th along with the bracelet she made me, its gorgeous, and very me 😉
Middle left is my locket I was given on my 18th which contains the scan picture of the baby I lost last January. I wear this most days and its starting to become tarnished now. J has recently taken an interest in whats in it and understands its a baby.
Middle right is my Mums cross, she was given this in her teens and it just sort of came to me unofficially. It was in my room one day and I knew the day was going to be tough and needed something of my mums on me, I saw this and wore it and have done so ever since. It gives me strength knowing it was my mums first. 
The necklace on the left was given to me by J’s dad in the week after his birth. Even though we no longer speak and havent done so for nearly two years now its not so much that he gave it to me, more that it represented my new role as mummy, I dont normally wear gold, but this is the one exception in my jewelry box. 
So what are your special treasures that you’d be heartbroken if you lost?

5 thoughts on “Personal Treasures

  1. You have some lovely things here, I love jewellery although I don't wear much these days. I love the charm bracelet you had when you were a child. That must be very sentimental.CJ xx

  2. ah such lovely pieces to treasure…I love jewellery and am slowly over the years collecting pieces…gifts, hand me downs etc. I would be so upset to lose any of it!

  3. Beautiful – what a lovely idea for a post. I would be lost without lots of my jewellery, in particular a knotted leather thong necklace with freshwater pearls on it which my husband bought me as a surprise.

  4. I have very little jewellery as I hardly ever wear it. My husband bought me a lovely DKNY watch and had it engraved with the words'Infinity plus one' which is the amount he always says he loves me…. Aaaaaw and i would be gutted if I lost it but still don't wear it that much.You have some lovely things 😉

  5. I love the bracelet your friend made! I don't wear much jewellery as K just grabs at everything) but Mr bought me a lovely silver necklace which I thought I had lost last week, but then I found it and was sooo relieved 🙂

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