Young Mums according to Jan Moir…

I’m sure most people are aware by now I was a parent at 16 so will understand how my blood boiled when I read the Jan Moir article that Slummy Single Mummy posted on her blog this am.

So heres my retaliation Miss Jan Moir.

Girls, do you want to know how to ruin your life in two easy stages? OK. First, get pregnant by some random spotty youth who is almost as irresponsible as you.
Quite possibly you will both be drunk at the time, but this is not mandatory. Make sure you never see him again, except maybe outside the chip shop and once downtown on a Saturday night.

Actually as much as its hard to believe Miss Moir but children at 16 arent a way of ruining your life, they are a bloody great blessing weather you have them at 16 or 60! Age shouldnt be an issue and as far as I am concerned no child from any parent should ever be viewed as a ruin on their life, a child opens up new wonderous opportunites socially and physically. Do you have kids Miss Moir? Oh and as for the bloke, funnily enough I do know his name, I was in a relationship with him for nearly two years.

However, you are not bothered about him. Especially nine months later when you have your own lovely little baby and no economic prospects to speak of. So what? You are happy, despite the fact that your own parents have failed you and so has the Government.
Congratulations. With one bound you have become a single teenage mum with the sole ambition of living off the State for the rest of your life.

No economic prospects?! And how have my parents failed me? They raised me as the fun loving person I was who always wanted a family from the age of well 10 probably, yes I’d never planned it so young but because of the way they parented me that has made me the great parent I am today! The goverment lets us all down weather we are parents, teens, working class, its not just young parents they let down.

For you, that’s it. You will never get on the career ladder or be independent, promoted or valued. There will be scant opportunities for fulfilment and excitement or travel.
For you, a gap year is lying fallow between your multiple-father pregnancies. You will never, as the song says, ride through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in your hair.
You might not even want to, but listen – you don’t even have the luxury of choice. From now until the grave, it is you and the kids in a council house papered with State handouts and increasing despair.

And why wont I get on the career ladder? I may not have done so yet but thats because I’m devoting my time to my sons early years, hasnt stopped me studying however to prepare for it. Children arent this huge holdback that you seem to think they are! Scant opportunities for fulfilment and excitement, my son provides both of those every single day, maybe you just have the wrong idea of what those two things mean. Multiple father pregnancies?! Christ have you ever actually spoken to a young parent? Maybe you should!
I dont have a choice? Are you kidding me?

Its people like Jan Moir that really anger me. Websites such as the wonderful PRYMFACE are extremely rare and this is a shame. The media and the media alone tarnish young parents with a bad name. Just think though, decades ago women were having children at 16 and no one batted an eyelid, so why now do we see it as such a crime?!

When I first became a young parent, I was wary of going to a “young parents” group because I thought they’d all be exactly how the media portrayed them ie dressed chavvily, ignoring their kids, letting them scream, living off benefits. In actual fact none of them were, it made me realise that actually its only the media that implants these thoughts to our minds.

You can read the rest of Jan Moirs article here


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