Charity Shops and the Psychology behind them

My names Hayley and I’m a self confessed Charity Shop addict. There I’ve said it!

I havent always been, only in the past year I would say since my best mate has shown me some amazing charity shops around Surrey/London. I’m an addict to the point that if I’m going into London for the day I will find out any charity shops I may be going near! I’ve discovered a wonderful Oxfam Bookshop – Opposite the Theatre where War Horse is/was on. As well as a Salvation Army one just off Oxford Street.

Why am I so addicted?

I dont know, but theres something about bagging a bargain in a charity shop that makes you not feel like you’ve spent any money, or for me it doesnt. I dont count it as shopping, not the kind of shopping where you walk into Topshop and spend £28 on a top and then feel guilty. I dont get that guilt when I buy from a charity shop infact I feel good about it, a charity have gained a little bit by me spending that money, be in 99p or £10.99.

I also give to charity shops as well. Whenever Pumpkin outgrows a stage of clothes I bag it all up, have a browse through my wardrobe of anything I dont want anymore and take it down one of Ashford’s MANY charity shops!

Where are the best charity shops I hear you cry?

Well this of course I’m afraid will only be relevant to those around my area which is Surrey/Spelthorne/West London way.

So here goes:

Ashford : There are NUMEROUS charity shops however my favourite is the Cancer Research UK one. Always has the best quality stuff, the best bargains and some wonderful tops.

Staines: There are only two in Staines town centre and I do tend to favour the British Heart Foundation one. They have a huge amount of books and ornaments (two of my favourite things to buy!)

Egham: Egham has quite a few but again I have a favourite. Oxfam, down near Strodes College. Again a huge amount of books, lovely clothes, all clean and displayed nicely, a very welcoming shop.

A few other towns near by to check out are Richmond, Twickenham, Putney, Windsor, North Sheen. All of which have some fab shops where you can grab some excellent bargains.

So what bargains have you bagged in charity shops? Do you shop in them? If not why not? Are there any reasons? I’d love to know!


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