Reluctant Body vs Determined Mind…

Remember that post about Anaemia… well what I forgot to mention was how much it has battered my training for London to Brighton I had been doing really well as you can read on said page but then tiredness kicked in big style. See the problem is at the moment all my body wants is to sleep, if I’m not doing the housework I am lying on the sofa doing nothing trying to conserve energy reserves. Everything feels like an effort and sleep just doesnt help ease the tiredness.

So today I finally after about 2-3 weeks of avoiding the gym and only going for a swim once I dared to hit the gym. I opted for “free training” rather than my set program which was far too much hardwork than I can handle. At the gym I go to we have a “Wellness System Key” it is a fantastic idea, logging anything you do in the gym and recording your sessions so you can look back and see how your doing on the computers. Calorie wise I have run the New York Marathon so far! It has quirky little things like that you see 😉

I ended up doing 20 minutes on the treadmill, whilst being enforced to watch the rugby as none of the other television channels would work (Each treadmill has an inbuilt TV) and then did some floorwork and used the chest press before giving up!

Now? Well normally after the gym I feel great and really energised but I dont, from doing just that little bit of excercise I feel exceptionally sick and like I could sleep for 2 days and not wake up!

I’m taking all the iron supplements I can without ODing on them and I’m filling all my dinners with lentils etc but as of yet I’m still not feeling better, I’m not suprised it takes time after all but mentally its taking its toll. Mentally I want to be at the gym, losing the weight I need to lose, upping the miles on the bike for training for London to Brighton but the reality is my body wont allow it even if my mind wants it. I feel like the two parts are having a war with each other each going the opposite way!

Finish line 2008
Will I make it over the line again this year? I am determined I will, I had been going for a best time but I think at the moment I may just have to accept that if this anaemia is still bad I’m going to need to aim for the finish and not worry about the time.
If anyone would like to sponsor me (it is after all what keeps me going on the day knowing I’m doing it for all the lovely people that have donated a few pounds like the lovely Crystal Jigsaw has) then please visit my Justgiving page which is secure and gives the money straight to the British Heart Foundation

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