Single Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!
So chances are many of you have had breakfast in bed, cards made with the help of dad, cups of tea on demand, but how do you celebrate mothers day when your a single mum?
Like its any other day!
J bless him has made cards and pretend flowers at the childminder which my mother had cunningly hidden when she collected him this week so I havent missed out totally but there is no lie in for me, or tea in bed (would be a bit irresponsible to expect a 3 year old to make tea!) saying that I did get a story in bed simply beacuse I was refusing to budge so J decided to read to me. However other than that Mothers day is a normal day, no being waited on hand and foot etc. 
And do you know something, I love that about it. For me its a day where I just appreciate the fact I am lucky enough to be a mummy and to be a mother to such an amazingly beautiful child. He is my pride and joy and my everything. I talk about him with such passion when anyone asks about him. His cheeky little grin, and that attitude he’s perfecting to try and get out of things, the way he comes and “ickles” you where he knows it will have most effect! The way now when I go out he actually doesnt scream and comes and gives me a big cuddle and a kiss and then shouts love you down the stairs. 
I do love my little man so much.
July 2007

And just remember we are all great parents in our own special way.



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