Internet and Childrens Pictures.

Ok so heres a question for you. 
Hands up who puts photos of their children on the internet? 
Your Blog?
Ok have you ever stopped to think who has access to these? What may be the effects of having these pictures on the internet? Who may see them? Well the fact of the matter is … anyone, if your not careful that is. Before you post them check your privacy settings, see who has access to them. Consider weather there is anyone you dont want seeing pictures of your children personally ie an ex partner or friend? And lets not forget more sinister outcomes. 
Why do I mention this? Well I was reading a topic on Netmums Coffeehouse a few weeks ago in the Single Parent forum about a father who had posted a picture of his child naked  in the nude without the mothers permission, the child was having their nappy changed at the time and was only a baby but thats not the point. The ultimate outcome was the mother had to wait 5 days whilst Facebook “investigated” before the photograph was removed along with others he had posted that were dodgy.! 
Now lets get one thing straight. Over my dead body would anyone post a picture of my son in the nude. I wouldnt even post a picture just of him from the back. Anyone can get hold of anything on the internet when they try. 
None of us are stupid, we all know the internet has risks but sometimes I think we take the availabilty of the internet for granted. We love to share our little ones images and what they are doing. So heres a couple of top tips to bear in mind when posting pictures
  1. On facebook make sure your albums are set to “only friends” rather than “everyone” 
  2. Never post photographs which show anything which could identify the child, where they live, what nursery they go to etc.
  3. If you really want to post a picture on your blog say, what about one where you cant see their face?
  4. On flickr use the groups for “family” and “friends” allow only these people to view your photos

If you have an older child some internet safety sites you may be interested in are:Thinkyouknow – good for parents of children 5 upwards
BBC – Parenting Internet Safety



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