Would you?

I’ve picked and dabbled in One Born Every Minute over the past few weeks, mainly because the times I have seen it have resulted in emergency c-sections like mine and it just scares the fook outta me and brings back to many horrible memories. But tonight as I sit here watching it it suddenly occured to me that these women are showing their most intimate special moments with the world. Not only are these women on national television, everyone seeing their bits, hearing their language, watching their partners reactions (I think we all remember THE guy) and then someone mentioned to me on twitter that people post birth videos on youtube … uh what?! I’m sorry but personally that is of no interest to me at all. These videos feature the womens intimate parts!!! Now dont get me wrong I’m no prude, right before the c-section I had 6 people in the room staring up my lady parts and then once in theatre and trying a ventouse well I lost count but we went over the 15 mark I know and now I dont have an issue taking my clothes off for any doctor anytime … They’d be no point in being a prude when all those people have seen it. BUT those are medical staff. They are trained in this area but letting every tom dick and harry see my lady bits … haha your having a laugh arent you?! I was lucky that when I pregnant although there was a running joke around our friends that J’s dad would film the birth we both knew it wasnt going to happen if he wanted to live!

So why do we share these things? Seeing as there are about 15600 videos on youtube there are a hell of alot of women who are quite happy letting the world see their parts and share in their happiest moment, and there you go I said it … that happy moment, but is that happy moment not meant to be shared with your nearest and dearest?

These women on One Born Every Minute have given us an insight into their labours, births and troubles after it with babies in NICU, sharing some of the hardest times with the whole of the UK. There are men and women of all ages watching, when I had my nails done the other week the technician whos not a Mum yet said watching it had put her off completely and I cant help but wonder if they were to show it in schools in Sex Ed that maybe less 12/13/14 year olds and so on would fall pregnant, maybe if they showed those teenage boys they would put some plastic on it!

Its been a throughly interesting series to watch and seeing as probably 85% of the ladies I follow on twitter have watched it its had a huge following thats for sure.

So my question is would you post your birth video on youtube? Or share it on national TV? Or is it something thats between you and whoever is with you at that special time?



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