I’m sure as parents many of you will have heard of homestart before, I hope you have anyway. Homestart helped me when I was 17. Me and J’s dad had just split up, things were rough, I wasnt getting out the house much and needed a shove. My GP referred me to homestart and they contacted me and came to do a review and then discussed what they could do to help me. They have trips out, they run toddler groups, easter parties etc however for me the most important thing was them putting me in touch with a homestart volunteer. The co-ordinator warned me there might be a bit of a wait but if my memory serves me correctly it wasnt that long before I got a call to say a suitable volunteer had been found and could they visit to see if we got along?

So in anticipation me and J waited at home one day for the co-ordinator and volunteer to arrive. When I opened the door to my relief there was a LOVELY lady standing there with a gorgeous purple coat and and red/purple hair … she was my kinda friend already. The co-ordinator had done well. We hit it off straight away and she adored J and him her. We then arranged to meet another time without the co-ordinator and from then on it would be down to us. Well the rest they say is history. Last year Homestart signed me off for support as I no longer needed it however D (my volunteer) is a lifelong friend. We are two peas in the pod, even with the age difference. We get along so well. J absolutely loves her to pieces and especially now she lives on the Marina in brighton and he contstantly asks to go!

We dont see each other every week now like we used to but we email reguarly and text and meet up when we can! And when we meet up we make the most of it yacking! We have alot in common, both into very natural products and alternative ways of health so we are never short of something to yack about. And the best bit about her living in brighton at the moment, shes there when I finish London to Brighton.

I can talk to D about anything and everything, 3 days after my miscarraige last year she was the first person I properly spoke to about how I was actually feeling, everyone else I was blocking out. She remembers all my friends names and everything. I couldnt ask for a more amazing friend.

So heres a few snaps of my amazing D who I adore to bits.

At J’s 3rd Party, D is on the left.
London to Brighton 2009 – It meant so much to me D being at the finish line.
D and J waiting for me at the end of London to Brighton, she always gets to his level to talk to him and engage him, he loves her.
The view from D’s “Shack” as we call it 😀 
Last November, all together 😀 
Chasing J down the beach! 
I even convinced her to have ago in these 😀
Diz your amazing and I love you so much! 
Now onto the more serious part. Homestart are a charity. They do wonderful work, maybe your in a situation where your children are slightly older and you can support another Mum, maybe you need support yourself? Find your local homestart and see what you can do to help or what help you can recieve. You should never be ashamed of asking for or accepting help and you never know a friendship such as mine and D’s may blossom.

Please also note that the lovely MadHouse have had a wonderful experience with their homestart volunteer too which can be found here.



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