What music gets you moving?

For anyone that doesnt yet know or is a new follower I am cycling the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton 54 Mile Bike ride for the 3rd time in June (having vowed I would never do it again) so I need your help!

Ok so seeing as I have 11 days worth of music in my iTunes and cant be bothered with sitting through it and working out what will be good on the day of London to Brighton I am requesting your help.

I would love it if you could all share with me the tunes that get you moving, that motivate you, that inspire you. They dont have to be fast and upbeat songs if they have some meaning to them or behind them. Maybe its a song that helped keep you going whilst giving birth? Maybe its one that you always dance around the kitchen to? Maybe you’ve run a marathon or a 10k etc and had this playing to keep you moving?

I will update this blog with everyones suggestions as they come rushing in! Which I hope they will with 91 followers!

Some come one ladies and gents hit me with your best choons!

P.S: If anyone would kindly like to sponsor me please do so on my justgiving page.



16 thoughts on “What music gets you moving?

  1. "Dakota" by The Stereophonics, and "I gotta feeling" The Black Eyed Peas always make me feel happy! Good luck with the bike ride – what a great thing to do.

  2. Dakota! Man thats an oldskool tune! I'm sure I have that somewhere too! Will go and look! and defo I gotta feeling!!! Great suggestions 😀

  3. Yep! Thats a good one! I've only got one glee song atm, cant remember which will have to see and download that one if not!

  4. This is our little secret but I like a bit of Steps and High School Musical in the car on a morning to wake me up and motivate me.

  5. I listened to Get Down by Paul Johnson before doing my fastest ever 3km back in the days when I was a superfast racewalker! I love Paper Planes by MIA, I don't often listen to my ipod when I'm running, but when I do I put that on when I'm struggling and it makes me go faster. Get 25 Miles by Edwyn Starr on there too, that will get you going!

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