Not the TV show unfortunately.

As some know who have read yesterdays blog post I was having a bit of a meh day. Today is again a very meh day. I’ve been on the new tablets two weeks now and obviously your supposed to give them 6 weeks to have a full effect, I should know by now seeing as this is the 4th one I’ve been on! Trouble is I dont really do patience!

J is back at childminder tomorrow for four days both weeks of my “official” holidays, we had last week off even though college was in as no one could get childcare as schools had finished but college hadnt. And rather handily the childminder chose her time off as last week! Perfect 😀

My mind is such a blank at the moment. I dont really know whats going on with it. I’m trying to keep my focus on something, anything. At the moment thats my photography and training for London to Brighton which are both keeping me somewhat moving and grooving. Just not as much as I would like.

My moods are still rapidly up and down. At the moment its a down but during last week it was an up. I just wish I could predict when it was going to happen. My poor mum gets the brunt of it. Yesterday she took J out and just got out of my way to leave me to it which I do appreciate lots. I hate that she has to see me like this because I know its hard for her, especially when I’m not really talking and telling her what the problem is, the trouble is I dont know what the problem is. If I knew then I’d do something about it. My mind is just in one of its grey fogs and thats all I really know at the moment.

Going to Camden tomorrow so gonna take lots of pics hopefully and may even get my next tattoo done while I’m there if I have time 😀


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