I’m 20. I’ve worked one job since I turned 16. I’ve been to 3 different colleges in the past 3 years. And now I’m lost. J will be at nursery in September for 15 hours a week. I’m going to have started my OU degree but thats months away. There are things in life I want to do.

My connexions advisor used to loathe love me as I have always been very open to what career path I want to take! I love children, I dont want to teach I know that. My mum teaches and my best mate is training as a teacher, two words. Hell No! At one time it was very appealing I will admit. It would mean I could have holidays with J, I wouldnt need to worry about childcare. But the more I thought about being in the same classroom every single day … well I got cabin fever just at the thought of it.

Ok so by that we know I need variety. So my current goal is Youth Work. However this it would seem is harder to get into than you would expect.I ideally need volunteer work on my side. Well at present with college the only day I’m free is a Thursday and in September J will be at nursery either mornings or afternoons, not much time to get somewhere, give some quality time and get back again and being volunteering I wont get childcare help. Yet if I was to work I would get childcare help through tax credits. So I’m stuck. I’m at a loss how to get to where I want to go. Is that the path I want to take? Should I just “put up” with something else in the mean time?

So many questions and very few answers.

I’m going to Brighton tomorrow and plan to sit on the beach and try and have a good think about what I want to do and where I am going with life.


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