Well the beach called today and I answered. That would be the only question I answered today.

I had hoped that having some time to think I may be able to come up with some answers and decide where my life is going however it produced more questions than answers.

I wrote loads in my diary but struggled with my photography, which isnt always the case, normally you simply cant stop me! But I was lost today. My mind was frazzled. I could barely even shop and what I did of it I didnt enjoy! What the hell was wrong? I knew I wanted to be there. But it wasnt right. I just couldnt do anything. Other than write. And what I wrote wasnt exactly inspiring or thrilling! I took a few pictures but nothing I was pleased with.

However this one represents my day.

And of course being down in Brighton I have missed all of the Gallery entries posted today, however I am exhausted and not going to look through them all tonight, but here is mine.

Something I saw today which I felt represented joy well. Photographically its nothing amazing.



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