Dizzy Busy!

Wow I havent blogged since barefaced friday! The weekend has just been so immensely busy and I have so much to tell you! There are about 5 posts in draft waiting to be written at the moment which is hugely fustrating!

Firstly I do want to thank you all for your lovely comments on aforementioned post! Your all lovely!

Ok so WHY havent I been blogging this weekend? Well we have had a jam packed weekend! Saturday we were very kindly invited to go to Innocent Towers in London for a Family Fun Day. I dragged along E and we had a great time! My fridge is now suitably stocked with innocent goodies. More about that later however!

Sunday we went to London Zoo. Mum and one of the other Reception teachers had to go to do their risk assesment for school. Did you know that the chain curtains on the doorway to the butterfly house are a risk? Well I’ll be blown. Oh and steps. Oh and animals escaping … god what a world we live in! However it meant a day out for me and JJ and some time spent with my Mum which was nice as we havent really done anything together for a while even though we see each other every day!

I really enjoyed it. I cant actually remember the last time I went to the zoo! J’s been a few times, on last years risk assesment trip, with E last summer. So he’s fairly well up on what he gets to see!

Another thing I would like to mention is the lovely comments and support I got on twitter last Wednesday evening. I was as usual having a confidence crisis over my appearence and was off to see Derren Brown. I changed no less than 13 times. Before I eventually caved to the following photo out of exhaustion!

And do you know what I havent even edited that! All my lovely twitter and blog friends are simply amazing and I love you all so much! Your fab!

Derren Brown was AWESOME if you ever get the chance to go and see it, DO! It was so good! I cant tell you what happened as I’m sworn to a Derren Brown vow of secrecy but all I will say is its immense stuff! Well worth the money!

In other big news J has started at his nursery! Friday we spent an hour there together getting to know his keyworker and filling in lots of lovely forms! And today he went and I left him for the first time. There were tears as I left but by the time I got to the car, I could see through the window that he had stopped and was having cuddles with his keyworker. When I collected him we faced the new toilets together (he has a thing about toilets) and then he showed me his drawer where I found his lovely drawings he had done. His keyworker said he had played really well and had a great time. He’s there again tomorrow for two hours this time over lunch, he’ll be faced with roast lamb for the first time. Im vegetarian myself but I’m not going to force it upon J. He has the choice. He seems to really like it which I am so relieved about.

I’ll stop rambling for now. Got to call someone back about a job…. oooer!

Take care my lovely readers! Oh yeah and dont forget to tell your friends if you like the blog either through twitter, facebook, whatever 😀


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