“Someone has sponsored you through Justgiving”

The title of this post is the subject line of the email I get every time someone sponsors me, and do you know what it never fails to make me grin, but tonight it almost made me cry? Why? Because I’m fecking shattered. We went for a cycle today round a place called the Chiltern Way, Buckinghamshire. Buckinghamshire it seems would be hilly, buckinghamshire also have drivers who try and take you off the road, not forgetting the fact when we returned to the car it was reading 27 degrees! And we cycled 21 miles in that heat. I got through a whole packet of lucozade tablets and admittedly we stopped for a drink, everyone had a glass of pimms, minus me, and a packet of crisps in the sun, gorgeous. Which is quite possibly when this happened:

Fetching huh?! Not only is that the shape of my top, but you can also see two diagnal lines … yep thats my backpack as well! Sexy? Me? Never!

Heres the thing yeah. I hate cycling. I always have. I cant stand the thing. Two wheels. Sore bum. Aches. Stiff legs. Risk of falling off and breaking wrist like oneself managed in 2004.

So why the bloody hell am I doing it … AGAIN?! Answer is I dont actually know for certain. But do you know something? The one thing that keeps me going on the day, when im cursing this two wheeled piece of machinery? When I want to give up and cry on the side of the road? When I want to throw up from the exertion of cycling up a steep hill? When I want to call my Mum and say bring the car I quit?

The one thing that keeps me going is all the amazing people who sponsor me. I think of them. Their hard earned money that they have kindly donated through my justgiving site. I think of my Grandpa who I am cycling for, I think of a dear friends Claire who she lost very young and suddenly, and this year I will also be thinking of Steven, my childhood friend who passed away in Feb aged 19.

Today whilst on the bike, I had a brainwave. Last year … I cycled London to Brighton with a picture of my Grandfather on my tshirt, as can be seen on the right. Well this year… I am going to do a vest with the name of all my wonderful sponsors and the total raised so far, as of the Friday 19th DS1une.

No doubt it will get a few pats on the back along the route as did my tshirt and my tutu I wore the first year and will be wearing again this year!

I hate asking for sponsorship, I hate asking for anything, but it was inevitable wasnt it that I was going to shove the link on here wasnt it!

So very quickly. Please please please please, help me reach my target of £400, as I write this we are at £190. You can visit the link HERE to securely sponsor through justgiving.

Ok so thats done and dusted! *wipes brow* Can I also just quickly again say a huge huge thank you to Josie from sleep is for the weak, Katherine from notsosinglemum, Beth from My Good Life, CJ from Crystal Jigsaw, @Chrisandharvey and @beenbags who have all very kindly sponsored me in my madness. You really dont know how much it means, Thank you!

Now I am off to collapse in bed, the earliest I have gone to bed in months because the heat + cycling has left me completely drained and I am drinking like theres no tomorrow! Goodnight wonderful people! xxx


One thought on ““Someone has sponsored you through Justgiving”

  1. Great blog post Hayley. You do a really good job of explaining your motivation.Do you have an iPhone? If so you'll love the coin jingle the iPhone app makes every time you get a donation.If not, there's other smartphone versions coming soon.Best, Alex (JustGiving)

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