Quality vs Quantity

A phrase that applies to many areas of life if I’m not wrong. Different answers for different situations. But heres the one I am posing to you.

Friends. Quality vs Quantity?
I havent had the best few weeks. For a few reasons. But also just generally. I’ve needed friends. People that I can connect with. People that I know care. 
I’ll give you a little bit of history on my friendship past. At school me and girls just did not go together no matter how hard I tried I was not one of them, I didnt care about having my nails done, I didnt like bitching about other people, I didnt enjoy hanging out on street corners doing nothing. I got along well with the guys but my friendship was strained with my group of female friends. Then when I left school in year 10 to be home schooled I discovered a whole other community that I fitted into, it was a very male dominated community and this suited me well. I made loads of guy friends and was very happy. This continued till 2007 when me and J’s dad split up, no matter how sad it is to think of it this way but when a relationship splits so do the friends. Its hard for it not to be that way. For a while I kept that community and was part of it until around the end of 2008 before a few events occured which meant I detached myself. Now he does. At this stage I had got a few more female friends, mummy friends, girls I was begining to trust. 
So at the moment there arent many male friends in my life, *thinks* nope none I can think of other than my brother and dad. When I say none I mean none in the respect that when they say they are there for me they havent then gone back on thta word and moved on with things without giving me a second thought. 
So I’ve learnt to rely on my sisters. My fellow female friends. 
Ok so right now most of the above doesnt apply to the title does it! Typical me lol. Ok so heres my point anyway. In the past few weeks I have needed friends alot. But they havent been there. Because when you rely on the quality of your friends rather than quantity there always comes a time when they are all going to busy with their own lives doesnt there, and that occured in the past few weeks. I was alone. None of them were around. I didnt know where to turn. And this made me think that maybe if I had favoured quantity over quality that there would be someone there. But even still wold I be happy? Maybe I wouldnt get along so well with all of those? Maybe they would only be half friends, friends that I didnt share everything with. 
But maybe I do favour quantity, because theres all of you isnt there? I’ve made some amazing friends through my blog, through this online community of mummy bloggers and my readers.
Sara, Livi, Beth, Jaymee, Zoe, Joelle, Not so single mum to name but a few of the amazing people who have been so wonderful to me and who I consider friends. You are all amazing and if your reading chances are you are one of the people that I have missed off this but if you have tweeted me this week then I hope you are reading this and know just how much you mean to me! 
So have I learnt weather quantity or quality is better? I’ve decided theres got to be a middle ground. Somewhere where there is a good quantity of friends but that are also quality in their own ways. Someone said to me recently that if they put all their friends in the room then chances are they wouldnt get along and I know that applies to my friends. There are some who I can go to museums with and coffee shops and we have an amazing time, others who I can go out and party with, others who I dont see much but mean the earth. But ultimately they are all very different people! 
So how about you? What have you learnt from your internet friendships? Do you favour quality or quantity?

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