Must … Resist ….

Whats your weakness? Chocolate? Like me? Well my most recent addiction is Boost Bars. Along with Lucozade Energy.

Why? Because I dont sleep. Well I do but the quality of it is hideous! It takes me forever to get to sleep as my mind generally works at a speed of 1000 thoughts per minute!

So what do we get when we get lack of sleep. Well we get Hayley with very little energy and exceptionally moody who feels ill if she pushes herself too far physically.

The solution? These two lifesavers! Boost Duo’s and Lucozade Energy. Oh how I love you.


As usual with me nothing is simple. I have sinus tacycardia. This generally doesnt affect me too much and I rarely notice it to be honest. However when I go through these phases of drinking and eating far too many of the amazing above products I notice it ALOT. At present my heart is off on one of its episodes beating at a crazy speed. Remember how I mentioned that post birth they thought they would lose me as my heart rate just kept increasing until they used a drug that made me feel like a bus was crashing into my chest and it slowed? No? Oh ok, go read here. Lol.

So as you may have noted I am fully aware of what the above amazingly delish products do to my heart so why am I eating and drinking them again? Well I’ve gone through phases like this frequently since J’s birth. I come to rely on these amazing foods. They boost me (haha yeah I know good joke ha!) they give me that sugar and caffine fix that see’s me through till bedtime. It gives me the energy to chase J around without feeling like I’m about to pass out.

But I know in the long run I’m not doing my heart any favours. And I need to stop having them as much as I have been. But thats hard. I have a reliance upon them. I love them. They taste good. The texture is lovely.

But I have to resist. I didnt have a boost yesterday. And I didnt have any lucozade. Today I am craving them. Alot. I almost popped to tescos earlier on the way back from somewhere to get them but I was good and didnt.

What do you love but is no good for you really?


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