Paultons Park – A familytastic day out!

So yesterday we were given the opportunity to visit Paultons Park thanks to the lovely Liz and Livingwithkids. Now as an ex coaster geek I was HUGELY excited by the prospect of visiting Paultons having been there a few years back with my old group of friends from Coasterforce. Lets just say we were not dissapointed! None of us could come up with ANY negatives to this place! It was just wonderful. We all had such a great day! We loved it! We have Thorpe, Chessington and Legoland all within half an hour of our house but tbh I would MUCH rather drive an hour down the motorway and visit Paultons than visit any of those. Even Legoland and Chessington these days are not the family friendly parks they claim to be I find, this place actually was what it says on the tin.
A family theme park.
It felt safe.
It was clean.
It was friendly.
It was fun.
I could go on and on! But I will save that for my review that will be over at livingwithkids which is more detailed! For now I shall leave you with the pictures to tell the story of the day!

Jason and Bex testing out the funky mirrors!

Our bargain £5 buggy for the day which saved alot of carrying as little guy wasnt feeling too rosy!

Grandma and Bex have a go on the waterslides!

A sign I found amusing on the tractor ride! Which if you are a lady – note WEAR A SUPPORTIVE BRA!

Jasons favourite ride of the day!

Grandma and Jason taking in the sights on the train ride

I was so excited by the fact paultons are THAT child friendly that they have childrens seats attached to EVERY toilet that I had to take a picture!

Gorgeous baby goose, there are numerous animals around the park!

Hysterical ride if you are an adult!

Beckie and Grandma tested out Stinger

Another sign that made me giggle above one of the FREE ride on toys!

My secret tunnel I remembered from my last visit!

❤ you babes xxx

The dinosaur walk! Great models!

The long slides!

Well I couldnt not take a picture from the top could I!

FREE bouncy trampolines

With my Mummy on Edge! Another GREAT ride!

A sign you are confronted with on Cobra

Me and Bex going up Cobra

What can I say? We are big kids!

Jason enjoying the FREE ride ons!

Every machine I saw of these had this sig
n, how family friendly is that? Understanding that the kids dont like losing! I thought this was simply wonderful!

Bex enjoying pushing the bug!

Some cool facts about the floating globe

Shortly after this was taken Mummy got soaked by a naughty J and Bex!

Enjoying another train ride!


In front of the Penguin pool, significant because our friendship blossomed down the road at Marwell Zoo in front of the Penguin pool where we made our Guide Promise together many years ago!

The drivers were so friendly! It was great!

Jason sized slides!

The globe!

Pass as to the face! 😀

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