One sleep…

London to Brighton is here!

The playlist is sorted
The number is pinned
The wheels have been checked
The costume has been prepared
The snacks have been brought

Tomorrow is the day!

This year I am cycling in memory of my mums parents Ernest and Paddy (2004), my oldest friend Stephen who died aged 19 this year, a guiders friend who passed away at 26 in 2009 – Claire, Carl – another guiders husband who passed away this year.

The day itself is always moving. Emotionally and physically its tough. Its the hills that are the problem. Why couldnt they create the land to be FLAT!

Tomorrow morning we shall be setting off at 5am, ready to be at the start for 6am. Pink tutu shall be donned, shirt with my twitter name and who im cycling in memory of shall be worn and off those little legs shall go!

If you live anywhere along the route please do wave and shout! Does make it feel easier!

At the start of 2008 – First time ever!
End of 2008, very emotional!
Top of ditchling beacon 2009
Muddy bums training for this years #l2b

For anyone on twitter please follow my @singlemummynet account as I shall be tweeting from there during the day as well as twitpiccing

If anyone would like to sponsor me still they can do so on my justgiving page


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