WE MADE IT!!!!! #l2b

Well for the third year running I made it!

As usual it was an emotional rollercoaster as well as a physically challenging ride. I have to say straight off though I could not have done it without the support of my wonderful best mate Emma! She kept me going, encouraging each other, we bounced off one another when times got tough, we sang random songs, we talked about men and loads of other stuff, but either way WE DID IT!

So much I could write about the day but I have a feeling it will be far easier to do so using pictures! So I shall be doing that shortly but first I must tell you a few of the highlights.

  • Clearing london in an hour! 
  • Cyborg police bikes (aka 3 wheeled motorbike things)
  • Tweeting my way through the day with the hashtag #l2b and being able to see everyone elses progress.
  • Having a chat with a guy on a unicycle, mental stuff! 
  • Meeting another guy rollerblading, there were less of those this year.
  • Meeting Santa Claus! (See Pics)
  • Having a chat with a lovely old lady sitting at Ditchling Common with her male staff who was just wonderful! 
  • The random old lady after ardingly showground singing Daisy Daisy
  • The banners for “zoe” – I dont know that her hubby has ever heard of the phrase discretion?
  • The fact that at the bottom of some hills there were hay bales just incase we should crash into them! 

I’ve ended up with a lovely red nose and brown shoulders yay! There were of course a few down points and theres no denying that mentally I struggled, alot, physically though I was in the best condition I’ve been yet, managing alot of the “humps” shall we say without getting off which is progress on previous years!

There were tons of hold ups as usual, whilst in surrey nearly all hills were only walk able, I dont know if this was due to general congestion or anything specific but it didnt make it much fun! Turners hill took us over 45 minutes to get up because of the bottleneck congestion! Marshalls this year were alot less supportive than they have been in previous years, however ALOT were wearing suits and such so think they may have been employed, the ones that were General Public were great however giving us a good cheer on. But nothing can make up for all the lovely people who stand outside their houses and cheer you on, especially the children 😀

Ok I’ll stop rambling now and share the pics!

J in Uncle Davids van Saturday night when he collected the bikes.

First official stop, no hot food 😦

10 miles done and still smiling at the moment!

My shirt 😀

Our lovely Tutus!

Me in mine 😀


Safety first!

Poor pony’s were attached to rope so they couldnt escape the field as they were using it for a stop point!

Bike fixing people, first place we dealt with Emmas tyre.

Random hill was just crazy, we didnt move for ages!

And lucozade gives you energy? Haha I look exhausted!

About halfway, we’re getting there!

Go go go!


Jam Packed Turners Hill!

Santa on the back of Santas bike.

Blue skies appeared!

Emma sporting the tshirt hat look!

Stopped at Ditchling common

In a lovely gents garden at the bottom of ditchling beacon!

TOP OF DITCHLING! We made it girl!

You can see for miles!

I did it! Again!

Our “oxygen” for the day, our camel packs.

Poppy Field

 I do quickly just want to say my condolences are with the gentlemens family who passed away after suffering a heart attack on the beacon.

Pictures from the finishing line to come soon when I get them from my Mum 😀

You can still sponsor me on my justgiving page, current total is £340 – £60 off my goal of £400. Over the past three years cycling London to Brighton justgiving tells me I have raised:

You have raised a total of:  £1,076.79
Gift Aid plus supplement:  £217.32

EDIT: The mirror have the story about “Zoe” and her partner! HERE.
And there is a Google Map HERE for those interested in the route.


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