I just need to scream!

But instead I run. I run away my worries, I run away my troubles. I run away the need to scream. 
Running is my screaming. 
I may not be good at it,
I may not run far.
I may look utterly ridiculous
Infact I know my stride is poor
And my gait and posture too
But the ease of pressure on my mind 
Every stride is like a bit of extra weight lifted
I run through the pain. Tonight it hurt. But then it goes.
I run in the rain with a stupid grin on my face at loving the feeling of the rain as it touches my skin.
I run with an expression of anger, probably terrifying children and animals as I go by
But slowly as I run that anger turns into relief, 
Relief into happiness.
I return home, lighter, able to speak, able to hold a conversation, relaxed.
Running is my therapy.
I dont do it to get fit, I’m not. 
I dont do it to lose weight, I cant! 
I do it for me.
I do it for my sanity.
I do it to relax
I do it to calm my mind
To physically exhaust myself

To show those that said she couldnt, that she can.

Tonight when I ran I was thinking about this prompt and what running meant to me, so I’ve sat here still in my towel from my shower keen to get all my thoughts out, so if their jumbled thats why. I wrote this as part of Josies Writing Workshop for this week under prompt five “Running”. It pretty much speaks for itself. I’m running the Hyde Park 5k in September and hopefully a 10k in October.


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