Mummy Blogging, Am I One?

The blog name of would suggest so wouldn’t it. But in all honesty am I REALLY a Mummy blogger? I got thinking about this even more when a few bloggers were sitting on hay bales in a marquee on a farm on Saturday. We were discussing weather children would look at our blogs and how some of us had more adult content. Personally I wouldn’t consider my content x rated exactly. I have no sex life anyway, notice the “Single” in the header there and that’s a big clue as to why! Lol. But then again do I actually write about being a Mummy very much. Well some of the time but not all of the time. I like to write on my blog for me. I like to write my blog and be able to express myself and whats going on in my head. I’ve often blogged about my depression, and its not post-natal depression so doesn’t relate to “Mummy Blogging”, I’ve also blogged alot about friends and family, relationships, hobbies, current affairs, media, social networking. So am I REALLY a mummy blogger? I dont know.

The past few days for various reasons such as the BBC article and all the upset that some people have experienced due to bitching at them on blogs I’ve grown to really dislike the taste of Mummy Blogging in my mouth. Mummy blogging seems to be all bitchy and horrible. But I havent found my blog to be like that. I’ve experienced no amount of support when I have written about my depression. And have very rarely recieved negative comments. Which in the past few days seems to have been what mummy blogging is about. But its not is it. We are all just women needing an outlet arent we?

Something I’ve noticed myself doing that I really don’t like is when people have asked me what I do at events I’ve noticed myself labelling myself as a “Mummy Blogger” – *cringes* and you see them nod their head in that really patronising way of “oh yeah shes one of those that sit at home all day writing about poop, tantrums and potty training.”

I googled “Mummy Blogger” for a definition, it seems there isnt one yet. Not even Wiki comes up with one. It scares me after this weeks shenanigans on blogs and twitter as to what a definition would be if someone was to base it up on these words.

So no longer will I label myself a Mummy Blogger, from here on in I am just a blogger.

Does anyone else struggle with the label of “Mummy Blogger”? Has all the negativity and bitching this past week changed your views of the blogging world?


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