VIB – Very Important Blogger

Now this post has played on my mind for a long while. I’ve had various conversations with different bloggers over recent weeks who have all backed up how I felt. That without there being a written law, there seems to be an unspoken heirachy within blogging, or as I prefer to call them, the blogging celebrity’s. The blogging celebrities are established members of the blogging community, the ones who always get offered the best opportunities first, that get paid to write, have a huge number of followers, don’t answer your comments/tweets.

I read TheMadHouse’s blog post yesterday and found she had quoted the lovely Maggy from RedTedArt:

There is so much I want to say and comment on this, but I dare not, in fear of getting “lynched” “poo pooed” or “excluded” by some of those in the established blogging network.

Which means that the competition is fierce and makes newbies feel very unwelcome and unsupported (not by everyone I hasten to add).

 Like TheMadHouse was spurred on by Maggys comment, Maggys comment also spurred me on to write this post.

For me this feeling of them and us has been there for a while, way before Cybermummy happened. But at Cybermummy it became more apparent I felt. I realised I was actually scared to go and speak to these blogging “celebrities” as they were surrounded by people and well why would they even remember who an earth “Hayley from” was? And so to save myself the embarrassment I didn’t go and say hi to most of them.

I would say I was quite an established blogger, I’ve been blogging over a year, I have a twitter following of over 750, I have almost 150 Google connect readers, I frequently get comments and occasionally offers of opportunities. And yet my voice feels so small in this sea of big bloggers whose voices are always heard first.

Is my blog and being myself simply not enough? What do you have to do to be heard?

Does anyone else ever feel this way or is it only me? 

Opinions posted on this blog are those of the author and are not intended to offend. 

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